On A Conspiracy of Hogs: The McRib as Arbitrage

Is it shocking to anyone that a company would release a marginally popular product only when it's profitable to do so?

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On Last Call For The Miami Heat

I guess you'll have to find something new to whine about now that the Heat Have Lost.

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On Don't Re-Elect the Internet

I could set up the same experiment with hot wings and a walk. Walks are nice and all, but hot wings are also really nice (and I like even better). So therefore, I must not re-elect walks and instead consume wings.

Or I could just try to live a balanced life where I enjoy walks and hot wings (though probably not at the same time).

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On Dear Vancouver, Please Don't Boo Our National Anthem

But both the NBA and MLB have sportsmanship awards? And in football all of the players and coaches come out and shake hands after games?

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On Sit Down, Westbrook

The funny thing about last night's game, and really the past three 4th quarters of the Bulls/Heat matchup, is that the Bulls supposedly superior bench didn't matter one bit. Where are the "convincing" Bulls wins?

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On People Still Incredibly Stupid

@Hank Warren@facebook Thank goodness. There were so many unanswered questions in "America Deceived I" that I've been hoping for a sequel.

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On People Still Incredibly Stupid

I amazingly have had not one person ask me for this book yet. Today, however, is another day.

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On Wikipedia And The Death Of The Expert

Lanier's argument was larger than "crowds are bad because they're collectivist," but also that these collectively made projects always seem to be copies of something else. Numerous people spent how many years building Linux, just to have a copy of...UNIX? I've reduced the argument some for brevity, but it's an interesting point: why should we celebrate when crowds of thousands spend years replicating things we already had? Are we just celebrating the sport of it?

But I think you lightly touched on why it can be useful for the collective to replicate what was made by the expert individual: we learn by doing, not by passive intake of others' work. It's a John Dewey sort of argument, where learning is intertwined with the action. So the question shouldn't be, 'of what use is Wikipedia?' but instead, 'how will we use the skills we learned from Wikipedia?'

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On The White Tide of Comic Book Heroes

It would be wrong to say white superhero movies are coming out because of some reaction to Obama as president, because white superheroes have dominated the genre since its origins. That doesn't mean it isn't something to complain about, but it's mixing up the timeline to say, "well, all these super white guy comic book movies are coming out like Thor and Cap't America, so therefore it must be some trend," when in reality it's been at trend since comics were created.

Marvel isn't making white boy comic movies right now as a reaction; it's making white boy comic movies because what else could it make?

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On Yes, Your Allergies Are Terrible

It's pretty sweet to not have any allergies.

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