On This Week in Lines

As someone who doesn't have to be at my desk until 11am, getting coffee at 10:04am seems incredibly early!

Posted on August 28, 2014 at 1:52 pm 0

On It's Friday, Drink Rye

This is indeed the best rye-based cocktail of all time, which is why I drank too many of them in my kitchen on Saturday night before going out. What a night.

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On Bagels, In Order

SALT?!?!?!?!?!!?!? this list is an abomination.

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On When To Smoke In New York City

I really really really loved the writing in this. I know exactly the feeling of Midtown not being insufferable, and yes! Just all of it. A piece about e-cigs is somehow one of the best posts on The Awl I've read lately.

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On Piling on the Hate for LaGuardia

I am a big fan of LGA simply because it's so quick to get to from Williamsburg/Greenpoint. O'Hare is pretty rad too because the subway goes STRAIGHT INTO THE AIRPORT! I was so blown away by that.

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On My Migraines Are Making Me Root For Michele Bachmann

oh god i get these too. they are miserable and i am convinced everyone can see that my eyes are wonky but i just power through because what else am i supposed to do when i'm at work?!

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