On Man Struck By Bike

Pretty sure "the social compact" has had nothing to do with why people use headphones instead of boom boxes for over a decade.

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On Here Is A Gallery Of Things That Might Cause The Next Pandemic!

Meanwhile, roughly 6 million bats have died of bat-to-bat transmission of white nose syndrome (actually a fungus). Cute pictures in the slideshow, though!

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On What Sound Does The Weirdass Frog Make?

Everything about this is delightful.

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On Ask Polly: I Moved To A New City To Be With An Emotional Vampire

Can we get an Awl "SET HIM ON FIRE" tag?

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On Courtney Love At The Courthouse

I just don't have a witty way of pointing out that the constant confusion between Francis and Frances bothers me.

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On Why Do So Many Romcoms Use Songs By The Cure?

"For good measure, I considered an equivalent British band, The Smiths."

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On Nepotism, Slavery And Inheritance: The Tale Of Bushrod Washington

I can only imagine the delight with which the modern political satire world would greet a justice named Bushrod.

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On Let's Make Thanksgiving Better

This is America and I don't need Big Government to improve the holidays for me. I murdered my entire family, and so can you. Bootstraps!

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On Ask Polly: I'm 40 And No Man Would Want Me Now!

"If you’re not married by 40, there are usually a few possible things Wrong With You"

A productive and generous attitude!

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On Also Included In The Teaches Of Peaches Is This Music Documentary

So good.

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