On What Are The Best Audiobooks For A Road Trip?

Miles Klee sitting in the way back reading Ivyland is the best audiobook.

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On Pictures of Joan Didion

Geez can no one color correct anymore?!

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On Is This a Summer Without a Song of the Summer?


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On Who Were You First On The Internet?

Mine was wert.
Actually just wert.
Guess what my password was.

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On Bar Food, In Order

Your lists always make me so angry with how wrong you always are.

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On Reporter Seems Kind Of Amused By Cop's Collision With Bear

Why does the cop car have a Deceptacon logo? Is this viral marketing or something?

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On Necessary Tumblrs: Dumb Tweets at Brands

@Matt screengrab snarking

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On Mom's Apple Pie With Vodka

My grandma told me that when I was home for christmas. Maybe she reads the Awl?
I remember the look on my teetotaler grandpa's face. It was a mix of "oh my god I will not get drunk off a pie" and "what has this child done to my home, encouraging my wife to bring alcohol into it."
Also instead of putting flour on it when you role it out put the dough in between saran wrap. It works like a dream.

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On Why Minnesota Mothers Are Doing Pretty Good

A lot of these Minnesota nice things are really easy to manipulate. People expect you to reject things like food and places to stay several times before eventually excepting it, even when you desperately want it.
This is how I always get the last piece of pie and the best cuts of turkey when I go home.

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