On Ask Polly: I Was Dumped After a Freak Accident and I Can't Move On

LW, I am so very sorry that someone treated you this way, and I hope you can take the part where Heather says she's with you, and everyone reading this is with you, to heart. You will feel better. It will take work of the mental/emotional variety, but you're clearly willing and capable of that, and YOU. WILL. FEEL. BETTER. Good, even. I promise you.

Heather...wow. I read these every week and regardless of the question I always find useful bits in your responses that apply to me or to a friend, whether I paste quotes into a g-chat or just use what I learn from you to be a better friend to someone. But this one hit home in a pretty epic way and I just want to say thank you, so much.

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On Ask Polly: How Do I Find True Love And Stop Dating Half-Assed Men?

Oh Polly. I love this so much.

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On Ask Polly: Will I Be Alone Forever?

"In other words, it was exactly like every bad two-year relationship I'd ever had, condensed into two hours. So efficient! After the party, I went home alone and ate a giant bowl of beet soup with some blue cheese on toast. Isn't it romantic?"


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On The Year In Cheating

I wasn't cheated on, but I left my ex-husband around the time J. Lo left Marc Anthony and I kept seeing her be fabulous in the tabloids and imagining she was my sister-in-divorce (important note: with the exception of "Jenny from the Block" and the brief period when I lived in Cambridge and heard amazing stories about Affleck essentially wandering the streets after their break up, I've never been a J. Lo fan, and I was, and remain, far, far less fabulous). @Sara Miller, come to New York, and I will buy you a drink. Or a million drinks. (Also: PROPS for owning a Yaris.)

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On The Coming Real Estate Disaster for White-People Brooklyn

@sharilyn No-fault divorce is legal in New York now, has been for about a year, so it's not nearly as expensive or onerous as it once was. Glad I stayed in my failing marriage long enough for that to happen!

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