On I Am Listening To The Wrong Music

An Italian friend of mine in high school said that listening to Buddha Bar was as close as a person can get to nirvana. My dad opined that the friend might just need a girlfriend.

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On Ask Polly: Why Is My Boyfriend Addicted To Internet Sex Chats And Why Won't He Stop Lying About It!

Ummm, also, LW1, you might want to start sorting out the snoopy behavior. I'm not supporting this bro's actions, but you need to stop that.

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On Math Is Hard


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On So God Made a Farmer

@happymisanthrope Note that the ad is targeted at "the farmer in all of us." It's a reward for feeling like you work hard. And wanting to be the hard/soft cowboy.

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On So God Made a Farmer

Watching this in the bar with some people I didn't really know, an argument erupted about what truck brand this was an ad for. I was pushing for Dodge. Obviously.

At least now we all have an example to refer to when describing the horror that is (non-judicious use of)HDR.

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On Modern Love: A (Likely!) Statistical Breakdown Of The Weekly 'New York Times' Column

Modern Love mostly makes me sad because the song is so much better than the column.

Also, my ex...

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On Propel Your Boat By Use Of An Oar Fixed In An Oarlock Gently Down The Stream

As a kayaker, rafter, and grammar nazi, I truly appreciate this correction. If, however, we want to get really serious about definitions then other means of attaching oars to boats should be included, i.e. the contentious pins and clips.

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On New Coca-Cola Ads Wondering How You All Got So Fat

I don't drink soda, but I drink a lot of beer. What about the beer research?

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On Grenadian Sorrel Drink

A series on actually good nonalcohol...


Sorry John, I'm proud of you.

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On Rarely-Discussed Subject Of Being In Your Twenties Finally Examined In Depth


I'm too busy being a twentysomething.

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