On How To Order A Croissant

I wholeheartedly agree. I have lived in different european countries for a while, and most people pronounce English words with the pronunciation of the language they are speaking. Interestingly, "euro" is pronounced differently in these different countries and it is weirdly disconcerting to hear somebody talking about the price of something in, say, Italian, and then drop the German oy-Roh in the middle of a sentence.

At any rate, I once ordered a krwa-san at a rural Dunkin' Donuts and the response scarred me. Thank you for this important article!

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On So Long As Adults Remain Willing To Buy Booze For Desperate Teens This Country Is Still Okay

Oh my god, THE WOMEN?!

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On Governments Dumb

Is this related (timing-wise) to the recent talk about how Britain was involved in the spying on everybody at the climate summit in 2009? It's hard to keep track of it all. Is it Friday yet?

Also, is this 21st century book burning?

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On The Armored, Possibly Dinosaur-Eating "Devil Frog"

A really big frog that is mostly mouth?! It's probably just a baby and the REAL one is, like, the size of a brontosaurus. Wait...

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On I'm Not Going To Coachella This Year

I saw the word Coachella and though, "Huh, I think I'm too old for that." Now I'm an old, and when i started reading this blog I wasn't an old, and might have considered going to an event like this. weird.

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On "There ain’t no Mardi Gras in Bangor."

Bangor is stuck with the "fat ass in a glass." I'd include a link, but it appears that my last comment got axed for that faux pas. Google it.

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On The Adults Kids Fear


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On Yet Another Penis Bitten In Florida


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On So Many People Are Reading Fitzgerald Now That We Can Totally Afford To Look Down On Some Of Them

@Staci D. Kramer Case closed, book open. As it should be.

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