On Ukraine's Nikita Outdoes Lady Gaga

I give them credit for coming up with a concept that's very suggestive of vampires, but doesn't go full vamp (because that would be tired). The song's lyrics are very vampiric. Rubbing food into your tits is very "True Blood Season 2" but I'll let it pass. Also, I don't think anyone ever put sexy lesbo vampires on tandem bikes before.

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On Bloomberg in Hong Kong

Errr...wha? Pretty much all the land in NYC has been privately owned since at least the 18th century, so the government would have to "get in the way" by doing a taking under eminent domain law, thereby nullifying the property rights of many, and then turn around and lease it to developers. Why do people continue to believe he is smart and competent when he says things like this?

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On Cooking the Books: Emily Gould and Tao Lin Make Raw Salad

Wow. His doctor really needs to dial down his zyprexa dosage.

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On How to Vote in Wisconsin Today

The better question would be "Are there any Awl readers in the 7th." My parents live in the rural hinterland of the 8th (Eagle River). I would forward this to them, b/c I'm sure they're unaware that Aaron Rodgers is running for office, but they only dial in to their netzero account once every two weeks or so.

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On Knifecrime Island Drunks Gearing Up To Get Extra Loaded

The Sugarbabes (I believe we're up to version 4.0 by now?) have a new song with insightful social commentary on this issue.


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On Fabulis: A Rather Retrograde Thing Happens To Gaydom

Team FYF.

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On Rap Songs In Which Complete Sets of Things are Listed

Roger That.

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On Rap Songs In Which Complete Sets of Things are Listed

Credit for that Usher rap goes to Nicki Minaj. Sidebar: if there was a "Paris is Burning" style House of Minaj, I would totes join it.

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On Flicked Off: 'Alice in Wonderland' and Some Patriarchal Norms and Stuff

Between this and the Eli Roth post, you guys are really calling people out in the remix today.

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On The Awl's Totally Gay Dance Weekend Party Radio: Episode 1

Oh damn, gurl. Did you get a hold of some of that chronic that was sprayed with that electronics cleaner they sell at Office Depot (you know, the stuff that girl on "Intervention" was addicted to)? This is like some 2005, "Victor Calderone, Please Put Down The Pipe" kind of ish.

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