On Pearl Jam Songs, 1991-1996, In Order

65, 64 and 60 are ranked so pathetically low it is a disgrace to music and the band. Where is Out of My Mind?

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On The Smashing Pumpkins, 1991-2000, In Order

How the hell did you forget Bury Me? Hummer is also buried way too low. Other than that, nice list.

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On My Superpower Is Being Alone Forever: Party of One

When I had to drive three hours to see shows and didn't live on the East Coast, I'd regularly buy an extra ticket in case I could get someone to go and split the cost of gas with me. Then I got burned by people on a $75 Wilco ticket (scalped it for $35, was glad I could get that) and a $25 Nada Surf ticket and decided that I wouldn't buy extra tickets anymore. Then I moved to DC and stuck to my decision and I love it. Of all the shows I've been to here since 2008, I've only attended a handful with dates or friends. I'd much rather go by myself and enjoy the show and chat with others or perhaps meet other people than have to escort others and hope they are having a good time or manage their feelings. I've had enough of that.

Bringing dates to shows that cost more than $25 just isn't worth the hassle and financial risk anymore, unless I know they are big fans of the band and that they will have a good time.

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On It's Too Hot For Meth

@Butterscotch Stalin

Try adderall.

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On It's Too Hot For Meth

@deepomega +1

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On 15 Name Suggestions For Brooklyn's New NBA Team

Whooptie-damn-doo, motherfuckers.

--Derrick Coleman

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On Wine An Even Better Value Than Previously Believed

You can buy liquor in grocery stores in Michigan and Indiana.

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On Classic Live Concert Screamers (And Me)

During one of the year 2000 Pearl Jam shows at Key Arena, during Off He Goes, someone in the crowd goes "I saw the strain" right exactly when Ed did. Impolite, but it still gives me goosebumps to hear it.

There's probably a few Interpol bootlegs out there from 2004 where I'm screaming for them to play Song Seven and Stella, so don't feel bad.

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On Bon Iver, "Calgary"

The live version of Valerie is freaking INCREDIBLE.

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On Ladies Aged 20 to Mid-30s Apparently Deliver the News Best

Or else you can be on radio like Windsor Johnston and bang 65 y/o men.

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