On Ask Polly: How Do I Stop Panicking And Crying Over The Slightest Criticism?

@JoJo by few@twitter I saw a tv ad last night that claimed "low-T" starts at THIRTY now. My reaction: "What the f...? Well, that does explain a lot."

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On Why Does Pret A Manger Think Americans Are Stupid?

@areaderwrites YES prawn everything! The first store in NYC to offer either prawn chips ("crisps," whatever) and/or prawn and mayo sandwiches will have me as a customer forever.

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On Ask Polly: Will I Be Alone Forever?

I've always been of the opinion that living is better than the alternative. Why does everyone need a reason? Existence = better than non-existence (probably). The end.

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On One Ring To Rule Them All

@eden Ha, well maybe it's what HER future husband would say, but obviously not what yours (or mine) would say.

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On Not OK Cupid

@3penny How dare she??? NO WONDER SHE'S ALOOOOONEEEE. Yeah, it's always "so and so had better lower her standards, because she's 27 already and clearly needs to lose 20-30 pounds, but even if she does she'll still be OLD."

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On Not OK Cupid

@gobblegirl In my circle, they are known as "fedouches."

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On Not OK Cupid

@sunnyciegos NEVER read the online Date Lab comments though. They are the woooorrrrsssstttt!

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On Ask Polly: Why Do Guys Dump Me Like a Hot Potato?

@liznieve Yeah, don't get a JD, even if it's free, unless you enjoy spending the next 30 years scrabbling in a death-battle against thousands of other people who want the same jobs you're applying for. And then getting the side eye, as you note, if you try to do something else instead.

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On Assets & Liabilities: Understanding The Rolling Jubilee Project

@deepomega I don't think "Schools are expensive because interest rates on student loans are high." That is nonsensical. I do think that the unlimited amounts students are allowed to borrow contributes to schools being too expensive, yes. And I do think that the wildly varying interest rates charged by the US government, the main lender, make no sense. If the interest is for "administration of the loan," why do loans taken out in different years have totally different interest rates? Does the administration of the loans cost 2 percent in one year and 8 percent in another year? That doesn't make any sense.

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On Assets & Liabilities: Understanding The Rolling Jubilee Project

@deepomega But if everyone goes to those, that's going to drive up the price, no? My solution would help everyone, not just those lucky enough to get the cheap government-subsidized education.

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