On How the For-Profit College Can Destroy Your Life

Great piece about some trusts in need of busting. Light is shed on the "values" of the UOP's John Sperling by his mad publishing endeavor.

Back in 2004, Thomas Frank hilariously devoted a New York Times piece to savaging Sperling's book "Metro vs. Retro." "MVR" was to be Sperling's "Dianetics," a world view self-published at enormous expense. It was advertised ambitiously and forgotten instantly.

The thing looked like a first-year college textbook. You page through colorful illustrations and graphs, you admire the nice binding, you marvel at the research staff Sperling had hired to push his convictions.

The central idea was that most of America were idiot rubes and the Democrats must give up on them.

No, seriously.

On one page, Sperling claims, as if simply stating the atomic weight of carbon, that those urban Americans he dubs "Metro" spend time at the opera, while those in "Retro" zones attend monster truck rallies. (This is helpfully illustrated with photos.)

This guy is really gross.

Posted on October 8, 2010 at 5:38 pm 0