On Pretty Soon Your Phone Is Going To Be Like, "Oh My God, You're Such A LOSER"

No man is a hero to his android.

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On 60 Of Baseball’s Best Names (That Are Not Hunter Pence), In Order

Hiram Bocachica

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On How Gays Split a Check at a Restaurant

I feel like the follow-up post to this may end with "Exeunt, pursued by bear"

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On Ross Douthat, the Fake Soft-Pedaler of the Culture Wars

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On 2012 Republican Frontrunner Mounts Kenyan Disinfo Program

I thought British imperialism was the entire reason we had to get some cool rules, pronto. Perhaps I'm confused.

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On Americans Get Hysterical: Oh No, a New Radical Muslim Egypt!

They're thinking of Barack Obama. Easy mistake to make.

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On Paint a Vulgar Picture

Thanks. So it's in the 1811 edition, though not in the 1785 edition. Hmm. What did Jane Austen know about all this and when did she know it?

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On Paint a Vulgar Picture


For the curious. Looks like an essential volume.

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On Paint a Vulgar Picture

Grose's "Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue" (1823 ed.) defines "Piece" as “A wench. A damned good or bad piece; a girl who is more or less active and skillful in the amorous congress."

That's the earliest ref I could find, though it doesn't do much to illuminate the origins of the phrase.

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