On 21 Blasters, Ranked In Order Of Apparent Usefulness

As far as I'm concerned, The Blasters should be on every list.

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On Ten Songs To Listen To On St. Patrick's Day That Are Not U2

Yeah but at least he still had them back then.

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On Here's Why You Need A Cast Iron Skillet

I use them on my induction cooktop, which is glass. Never had a problem and induction+cast iron is a wonderful synergy.

To fix the rust thing, get a wire brush and scrub off the rust. Then ask the google about how to season your cast iron cookware.

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On Never, Ever Go To Canada! The $1723 AT&T iPhone Bill

AT&T turns data roaming off by default as well. You need to turn it on in preferences. Of course, it's pretty easy to turn it on for a 1-time thing then forget that it's on while the iPhone goes about its business of sucking down megabytes.

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