On Golf Hole Looks Like Hitler

What's with all the fuhrer?

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On Literally The Worst Word On The Planet

I will probably be pilloried for this, but I sometimes like when "literally" is used ex post facto to make a pun. Something like, "Because it was his first time, the dominatrix showed him the ropes. Literally." The author's examples, however, are of terrible usage.

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On 142 Distinctly Non-Threatening Rap Names

Hilarious. But any rap name with the word "Black" in it has to count as threatening to a certain segment of the population.

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On My Afterlife Is Going to Have So Much Polygamy....

@deepomega That makes sense. Not sure we need more trolls in politics though--that's basically what the Birthers are, and they annoy me to no end. But I may just be eminently trollable.

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On My Afterlife Is Going to Have So Much Polygamy....

I'm not sure if Choire is being sarcastic here. Indiscriminately honoring the actions of those in your bloodline is such a ridiculous concept. My nephew's father is currently in prison for driving drunk with my nephew in the car. He should honor the actions of his father because they share a bloodline?

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On Killing Bigfoot

Ernie Henderson: Shoot it!
George Henderson: It's dead.
Ernie Henderson: Shoot it anyway!

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On Obligatory "It Won't Be Long" Circumcision Joke Goes Here

Helter, Shmelter

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On What Sound Should The New Hippie Cars Make?

The theme song to Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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On Nasty Things Nasty

Potato sponges are not in Wikipedia, so obviously they don't really exist.

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On Our Fat Future

But the sandwich does look delicious.

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