On The Great Fingering Debate

When I was a teenager, a train conductor asked me and a friend if we had been playing 'sticky finger'. SHUDDER. There's also fingershame, but that's something else entirely.

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On Who Are You Awl?

I'm still here! I'm just shy..................

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On The 11 Best Egg-Shaped Easter Candies

More cruelty to creme eggs. Sort of disturbing with the sound on: http://www.facebook.com/GooTherapy?v=app_272686164394

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On Half Baked: Snow Day Cookies

I CHEW CHEW CHEWS YOU! I made, ate and loved these. Mmmm.

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On A Sports Team Won A Sports Trophy Last Night And People Were Happy

I am not a resident of America, I had never even watched your football till yesterday, but I rocketed off the couch screaming like a banshee when that interception happened. Um, and all throughout the game if truth be told. Truly thrilling.

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On Half Baked, with Jolie Kerr: The Real Recipe for Pink Panty Pulldown Punch

No I can't say I've ever seen that here. Our selections are fairly limited (in comparison to the U.S). Our cereal section is probably only 1/16th the size of yours! Thanks for the suggestion though.

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On Half Baked, with Jolie Kerr: The Real Recipe for Pink Panty Pulldown Punch

Hurray! Thanks ever so. I shall indeed let you know how it goes.

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On Half Baked, with Jolie Kerr: The Real Recipe for Pink Panty Pulldown Punch

Thanks Jolie! I really want to try this but we don't have powdered pink lemonade mix here in NZ. Could I substitute real lemonade with a dash of food colouring? Or would the addition of natural ingredients sully the spirit of this fine beverage? Would any flavoured powdered drink mix suffice? My plastic bucket gratefully awaits any alternate suggestions from you good people.

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On Was This It? A Mixtape

Also unclear is Ashlee Simpson's 'LaLa'. "You make me wanna lala in the kitchen on the floor"??? 'Lala' sounds like a child's euphemism for micturition.

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On Bear Meets Cat In Battle For Animal Supremacy

As this IS the premier site for bear related news, I hope no one will mind too much if I post this: http://www.animalsasia.org/. Animals Asia rescues Moon Bears from farms where they are kept in tiny cages for bile extraction. You can purchase a pot of honey (amongst other delicious treats) for a rescued Moon Bear for $8. Yes, it's true, bears really do like honey!

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