On How Should We Deal With The Worst Of The Internet?

I understand the desire to not engage the kind of argumentative tone this asshat's trolling seems to so easily provoke, but I think an opportunity here was missed. The interviewer need not be argumentative in order to challenge a subject's views journalistically. To rationally question the irrational, retrogressive misogynystic views he spews forth.

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On Meet The Awl

@liznieve ah. not nearly as low as I thought I was. Dammit.

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On Meet The Awl

It's been so long since I have commented I have forgotten my number. I just had to write this to rememeber.

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On Story Sad

yep, read it this morning on the Q train going over the bridge. Sorry, Q train, for tainting your passengers with my sorrow and tears.

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On Ask Polly: My Best Friend Is A Lunatic Who Owes Me An Apology!

#2: I don't know. At some point her partner is going to be her highest priority... say, down the line if they have kids, share a household, etc. I get close friendship, I do. And understand that it can be like a family. But there are some realities that distinguish friendship from a romantic, life-building/blending bond that one has with their partner. Sure, it might be preemptive to prioritize even short term romantic partners in this way, but the reality is that you won't always be priority 1.

I don't know, maybe I also think the concept and term "best friend" is a little juvenile. Friendships shift and change and morph and fluctuate in importance over the long term. Assigning the "best" label seems to trap it as one static thing, where it's all or none.

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On House Ghosts

my next door neighbor in my old apartment building (with whom I was friendly, although in a distant way) killed herself via hanging. Against her front door. I lived in the building for another 2 years (it was cheap!) and still wouldn't stand in that hallway for too long. The real kicker is that the management company didn't want to replace the door. They just wanted the dented thing to stay, maybe replace the smashed-in hardware. I wanted to set them on fire. It took me calling and screaming at them to do it, and it still took months.

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On Ditz, Lightweight, Mooncalf, Naïf: The Second-Class Status Of Stevie Nicks



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On Princeton, the Worst School on Earth (Part 38 in a Series)

hahahahaha, their servers are crashing because of all of the traffic.

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On Ask Polly: Why Do Guys Dump Me Like a Hot Potato?

Plus also, if you get a semi-specialized degree, you will be blocking yourself out of some/potentially a lot of jobs. Having a JD and applying to work at, say, a clothing store, might work against you. Having an M.Arch and applying to work at a law firm as a paralegal might work against you. And its not like you can just strike those years from your resume and claim to have been "living in a tree, trying to really, like, understand myself" ....that doesn't work. grad school should be at least some kind of semi-purposeful move... which I think anyone could find if they thought about it hard enough. There are a panoply of options.

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On Spaceghostpurrp, "Osiris Of The East"

"spaceghostpurrp" sounds like you were starting to say the name of an adult swim cartoon, then unexpectedly burped.

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