On The Smashing Pumpkins, 1991-2000, In Order

"Rick Paulas was 15 years old when Mellon Collie came out and, thusly, spent a good portion of his life believing it was the greatest album of all time."

Yes, this explains why you are wrong about so much of this. Obviously you didn't have to hear "Disarm" as many times as I did, back when MTV still played music videos (get off my lawn). 1979 is OK, I guess. Needs more Drown, and just everything loud from Siamese Dream closer to #1.

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On Guided By Voices (Classic Lineup), 1992-1996, In Order

Echos Myron is right where it's supposed to be, but you need to move I Am A Scientist down into the top 20 or so.

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On The Rise of Reddit: 4chan and Digg Get the Credit While Reddit Booms

Is it wrong that I'm unabashedly confused by the straightforward tone of this, dare I say the word, "article" about Reddit? We're reading The Awl, for goodness sake, we know what Reddit is. Or perhaps the straightforwardness -IS- the twisted point of view here? Look, this is no Bolognese recipe, that's all I'm saying.

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