On That Big Study About How the Student Debt Nightmare Is in Your Head? It's Garbage

@thethetk Furthermore, by measuring not total debt incurred, but total debt outstanding, AND increasing the age range, this means that people who have been paying down student loans for almost 20 years are included in the sample in that "less than $10,000" category. I'm 33, had 20k in student loans, and now have 2k, after 12 years. That said, the effect on my savings rate, consumption, etc., is better reflected by the overall $20k than by the fact that I only have 2k left.

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On Saving Summer's Trashiest Cocktail: Make Way For The $21 Long Island Ice Tea

Is it just me, or did Stefon invent the Applethy?

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On 43 Things That Will Make You Feel Old

Sounds like Alex might be pregnant.

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On 'Atlas Shrugged': Who Is John Galt's Chiropractor?

@aSaltySalute ...did we date in high school?

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On 'Atlas Shrugged': Who Is John Galt's Chiropractor?

@themegnapkin I totally thought that, too, and was horrified.

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On 'Atlas Shrugged': Who Is John Galt's Chiropractor?

@lbf Or just read Anthem - it's the shortest (gets to the point in, oh, 120 pages or so?), and, I find, the least "I'M GOING TO HIT YOU OVER THE HEAD WITH METAPHORS" (although the entire thing is kind of one giant metaphor, so maybe I'm wrong?).

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On Perfect Tarte Tatin in 10 Easy Steps

@laurel Yes! I am very curious as to the fact that the caramel must somehow solidify (so it doesn't all fall apart) and yet not stick to the pan?

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On Door To Door For Obama In The Wild West

@hockeymom I'm polite to anyone who isn't evangelizing.

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On After The End Of Men

@City_Dater You could, quite literally, have a Dude Ranch.

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On Other Things Missouri Representative Todd Akin Believes To Be True About The Uterus, Besides Its Ability To "Shut Down" A Legitimate Rape

Also, this: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/borowitzreport/2012/08/republican-congressman-proposes-national-security-role-for-uterus.html#entry-more

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