On Are You Ready For Some Thursday Night Football?

I did not notice the water but Bob built an outdoor mall around his stadium and where he is dining looks like the outdoor deck of the monstrous CBS Scene restaurant/nightclub(!). It overlooks the open end of the stadium where the great unfinished lighthouse looms.

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On Random New Yorker: Matthew Sterling, Costume Character

oops that was suppose to be a reply to Furry Larry Parry

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On Random New Yorker: Matthew Sterling, Costume Character

I think there is a big difference between being outside and inside the costume

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On Orangutans Can Mime (Which Is Not To Say They Should)

I saw that obit over the weekend. I had totally forgotten about them which made me feel sad and old. I need to go find youtube clips.

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On In Defense of Having Children

Thank you for that.

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On Real America: Guess BP's Stock Price on Christmas Eve, Win One BP Share


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On Rich Person Does Nutty Thing, Heirs Sue Everyone

Not this guy "In January 2008, Mr. Kramer became disoriented while skiing at Sun Valley, Idaho...He died two weeks later of a stroke. His untimely death appeared to turn the policies into a windfall for investors"

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On Your Mediocre Sperm: Who's To Blame? Does It Matter?

I duuno, I read this as all your fault because you smoke too much.

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On How To Cook A Brisket

And also: the dishwasher running

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On The Real Reason Women Want the "Largest Available ROCK"

She sold it for cash to support her , replaced it with cubic zirconia and is afraid to wear it as everyone (well, women) will notice it is a fake.

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