On Meghan Keane: 'The Office' is the Most Depressing Show on Television

I thought this whole article would be about how it's sad they don't give Creed more to do. But, now I'm just sad. Hey remember the Casino Night episode? Good times. Good times.

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On Story Of Runaway Asperger's Boy Proves Futility Of Trying To Keep It Together

I thought of the curious incident also. But my real comment is that here in DC the metro shuts down at a reasonable hour doesn't allow any food so this'd be impossible.

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On Flicked Off: 'In The Loop'

I just saw this in DC and there weren't a lot of people. NPR and lib bloggers have been talking about it a lot so hopefully that will help. I just wanted to mention that Steve Coogan is in it, but is unrecognizable from the last thing I saw him in-Hamlet 2, which is it's own kind of awesome. See if you can pick him out in his first scene. I had to go back and find a still of him in the movie to confirm.

Note on the jokes. There are lots of references to well known British books and movies that shouldn't be over anyone who reads this blog's head. So the movie is probably screwed.

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On Britons Literally Do Not Know Their Ass From Their Elbow

But really, how important is it to know where your organs are compared to what they do and how you can affect their function. I was in the Peace Corps in Mongolia and people would go to their doctor saying their kidneys hurt. They got the location right, but would never think to drink regular water instead of gallons of salty milk tea: http://www.travelblog.org/Photos/37543.html

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On Does Barack Obama Speak Koranese?

What a moron. Obama lived in a Muslim country. He probably heard the call to prayer hundreds of times and can recite it. Big deal. He almost certainly doesn't know what it means.

US generals have used muh more Arabic and, course, Bush did it too.

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On "Up" Is Pretty Great

I believe that's a description of Sasha Grey late of the Girlfriend Experience. Mr. Asner is distinguished by another extremity entirely.

You're welcome.

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On Why Does Our Socialist President Hate The Constitution?

I hadn't seen this tweet, but it made me think about the original "contoversy" surrounding the interview this quote was ripped from. It was a very academic conversation about the history of the constitution from slavery to civil rights. At the time, republicans got his speech completely backward and it's to see them ressurect it. Not surprised though.

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