On Ask Polly: How Do I Stop Panicking And Crying Over The Slightest Criticism?

This would all be so much easier if instead of reassuring LW#2 that she isn't old, we lived in a world where we could reassure her that it's ok to be female and middle aged or old. No issues whatsoever with anything anyone's saying, I just think that if she felt less horrified by the thought of taking an art class with, say, ME, she'd feel better about the whole aging thing in general (whether single or not).

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On The Joys And Derangement Of "F Troop"

F Troop was part of my after school routine for years, and yet I can recall almost nothing about the show. Even reading the character names now doesn't ring a bell. Oddly, the one thing that stuck with me, even before reading it here, was the origin of the Hekawi tribe name. I guess 70s me must have found that hilarious.

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On Love And Other Conspiracies Of "The X-Files"

"I hadn't exactly spent the last decade avoiding "X-Files" spoilers, so I'm not at all sure how I managed to not know this."

You didn't know it because by the time it happened, or what passed for "happened", even the die-hard obsessive fans of the show had lost all faith that the writers had control of the story, knew where it was going, or even respected the characters, and thus no one was really paying attention or cared. I loved that show and still haven't watched the final seasons. Kudos to you for sticking with it.

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On Ask Polly: Is He Crazy, Or Am I?

Love this column.. keep 'em coming.

Also, I've concluded that most cases of mixed messages can be interpreted as "not that into you, but occasionally needs an ego boost." Sad, but once I came to terms with this it made for less crazy-making.

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On Word Mispronounced

entrepreneur/entrepreneurial. To the point where if I have to use either word in conversation, I say "That word I can't say" and then come up with approximations until the other person says it for me.

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On Nerds Studied

I thought the virtual ladies' room line formed at Pinterest.

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On Urbanite Complains

Local writer shocked when chain saturates area, kills local businesses by offering amenities the local spots can't afford, then withdraws amenities when there are no more local options left.

Local writer deserves the crappy chain.

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On Lobstah And Crafts! A Summertime Guide To Portland (The Real One, In Maine)

@bzz_bzz yeah I've visited Fort Gorges a couple of times, in a small boat. It's a ton of fun to explore.

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On Cheese Meltable

@Setec Astrology

1) asbestos

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On I Have Thoughts About Commenting Systems!

Sounds like you can use the facebook thing as threat if things start to get out of control, eg "Ok kids, do you want me to pull the car over right now and make you use facebook commenting? Because I'll do it!"

Seriously, though, I love the current system-- it's clean and easy to follow. What's broken?

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