On Why Does Pret A Manger Think Americans Are Stupid?

At the DC Pret they sell a "vietnamese baguette" that is pretty good.

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On The Question

This is freshman seminar to a T, or it was in 1992. I can't imagine that it has changed that much. Thanks for a wonderful remembrance.

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On Banks, from the Outside

USAA does not charge you to use foreign ATMs and will refund up to $15 per month in other bank's charges. Which is enough even for one or two strip club visits per month. So I hear.

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On "True Prep": It Is Not the Time for the Preppy New Testament

It's funny that two classmates from a very small school are posting on this review. My first thought was that I was back in Annapolis getting ready for a seminar. Then I thought about it and saw that the original Preppy Handbook was aspirational the same way that St. John's curriculum is aspirational. Hell, the St. John's lifestyle of drinking and reading all the time was an aspiration. And then we moved to New York, just like we were told to in the handbook, and drank some more and read some more and had kids and moved to the suburbs. I think I had a pair of bass weejuns that I wore all through high school and through college, even if I never could afford the Izod shirt.

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