On How To Enjoy A Beef On Weck When You're Not In Buffalo

The Snack.

Almost half a year late, but still necessary.

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On The World Must Be Good if Anna Faris is Becoming Famous

mmmm paul dano


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On 41 Movie Remakes That Would Destroy What Remains Of My Youth, In Order Of Heartbreak

Hey! That movie was glorious!

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On Dear Jews Who May Have Been Sitting Near Me And My Friends In Connecticut College’s Harris Dining Hall Fall Semester, 1989

you know, I had a very similar experience with the phrase "indian giver." it had always been used around me, and I never thought about it. all it took was one person's incredulous look, though, and corrected, I stand.

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On A Terrifying Incident in Space!

yes, particularly the tinkling bits

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On Women Are Trying To Tell You What To Buy For Them

okay, but what if I got her a baby LAST year?

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On Parenting: The Abbreviated Guide

i feel like the teenage years aren't a good example of what raising a child is like. i mean, teenagers suck, man. even if they're your own.

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On Kelly Cutrone Still in Running for Hero of America

dude, come on. i just choked on my m&ms and all my coworkers were very concerned and asked what i was reading, and uhhh, nothing?

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On Pop Quiz: Did Carl Paladino Say This?

You forgot the one where he weighed in on the Native American tax issue: "Just let one of them try to stand on a cop car under my administration, they'll never stand on anything again." WHOO!

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On There Is Some Crazy-Looking Stuff In Space


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