On On the Other Hand, Never Write a Book

@Matt I agree. This is a sweet letter that makes a good point, not "loon mail" at all.

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On How Bad Are New York's Airports?

@mrschem The MTA might have beat the London tube 10 or 15 years ago, but not anymore. @Clarence Rosario Oh yeah, I was only thinking internationally. The whole domestic situation overall is very bad indeed.

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On How Bad Are New York's Airports?

I like this conversation very much. Could you do a New York vs. The World next on public transport? I have not been to all that many cities around the world, but among those I have visited, New York's subway system ranks dead last.

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On Family Felidae, In Order

@Alex Pareene Yes. They look like extras from The Dark Crystal, in a good way.

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On Family Felidae, In Order

Savannah cat? http://nyti.ms/qZYBtc

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On Ten Tips for Healthy Eating

I totally agree, but save the acid for the weekends -- you don't want to get #FIRED

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On 'Treme': A Shouting Match

@Miles Klee: Yes, "trained by shitty TV" indeed. By Lost! People were always dying in those Lost series finales and then by next season they weren't dead anymore. I'm sorry Lost made me doubt your murderous resolve, Jesse!
I also agree with "Y'ALL FUCKED UP" which is a good use of all-caps unlike, say, other usages of all-caps on this page.

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On The World's Worst Record-Listening Party

I wish I'd been at this listening party: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HGYO738FqE

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On Is The Tomato-Meter Going To Beat 15% for 'SatC 2'?

Yes, please!

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On 43 Answers To Unanswered Questions About "Lost"

Rick, I'm so sorry -- I've seen every single episode of the show and I still don't understand your explanation. But I'm trying!

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