Seattle area, independent massage therapist, cynic, skeptic and atheist. Former union laborer for 8 years. Performed asbestos removal until I burned out and broke my right foot. Now working to help others heal and feel better, easing out the aches & pains. Devoted fan of the Michael Teachings, Edgar Cayce, and other channeled material.

On In Defense Of Prudes

@millicent I agree with you. I remember in the 70's when people were too embarassed to talk about all the issues that have always existed.Because it seemed to be the consensus opinion that they were "unthinkable & undepictable". I do prefer the open dialogue, so people can get the advice they need to hear, so they can change their ways, and break the vicious repetitive cycles. It's just refreshing to hear a callout for prudery. Self-control really is the height of style and it always will be my ideal. Recognizing human frailties is important, but striving for strength is admirable.

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On In Defense Of Prudes

@pot-pourri It reminded me of David Sedaris. She made me laugh out loud several times, maybe you're just jealous.

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On Breaststroke is the Best Stroke

I love pencil drawings. Reminds me of Roz Chast from the "New Yorker",
and the 80s band the Fixx, forgettable tune, and most recently haunting me: "Ella" from Rata Blanca on YouTube. So Neptune.

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On Ciudad Juarez: How We Got Here

This sounds like a koan, "If a Mexican dies in Mexico,and there's no American witness,does it matter?" According to John it's all just so pointless. Would it be so pointless if through the accident of your birth, that was your life, and your family affected? It's insulting to associate the crimes of the Mafia, with the common citizens of Mexico.
The real story is the effort of President Calderon to strategically attempt to eradicate the Mafia, which has maintained a stranglehold over all of Mexico for generations. Dismantling the weapons seized, burning the drugs, drug testing the army, and honoring the victims brutally murdered across all levels of society. The US media would prefer to turn a blind eye, but what's worse is insinuating that the common,decent hardworking citizens are somehow as corrupt as the Mafia, that's sick, American paranoia, and not praiseworthy.

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On A Five-Part Guide To Irish Viral Videos: Part One, Irish Rap

That Captain Moonlight melody is addictive.

Funny how the RubberBandits have to include and repeat their disclaimer that they're club isn't gay,
and they're not gay,
not gay,
not gay,
in preface to their song about barely being able to do the deed with getting wrecked beforehand, very gay.
Nicely sums up my feelings of mutual repulsion towards flabby, pasty, liver-lipped doughboys thinking they're all that. And the sad fact I'd never be able to get wasted enough, but some men will screw mud if it's wet and it's warm.

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On Real America: A Fashion Essentials Guide for the Tea Party Patriot

Considering all the homosexual scandals involving the repressed right, it does seem appropriate that they refer to themselves as "Teabaggers"= slang term for sucking balls.

What offends me is the notion that Carhart could be considered Republican, when it's actually much closer to the Punk aesthetic of useful, functional simplicity.

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On Who is the Greatest Diva of the Last 25 Years? We Offer Scientific Proof!

Art imitates life.
you can witness all the categories in one episode of the People's Court.

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On Footnotes of Mad Men: The Promethean Woman, or, Our Dog in the Parthenon

In Greek mythology Prometheus stole fire from the gods to bring it down to earth, and for this offense he was punished. So it refers to anyone who would have the balls to pursue their own desire and face the wrath of rocking the status quo.
But it's surprising to me in this age of overpopulation that abortion should continue to be demonized.

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