On A Week of Watching People Read in the Subway

nobody who did columbia mfa would be caught dead w/ the stranger #actually

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On Our Top 11 Movies to Skip This Holiday Season

I kinda want to see Kristen Stewart star in the Bell Jar. WHERE DOES THAT RANK?

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On Violence and Making Sense

@Senor_Wences just curious. Why would that matter?

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On Violence and Making Sense

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On A Tour Of Korean Snack Foods

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On Are You Turning Against Pat Kiernan?

How quickly people forget The World Series of Pop Culture. Pat Kiernan was heroic in that.

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On Man Storms Off Internet: Goodbye, Chris Jones!

I always wished Carles would take on Chris Jones.

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On The Didion-Dunnes as Generation-Specific Awful Parents

No, Clarence Rosario, I don't think you know who R Kelly is.

@skybarn- sorry?

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On The Didion-Dunnes as Generation-Specific Awful Parents

I feel like an R. Kelly fan here, but absentee parenting doesn't sound like the worst trade-off when the return is a profile of John Wayne that's so good that it makes everyone reconsider whether or not they should keep pumping out the ol' word count. Or all that crazy listlessness in "Play it as it Lays." Or, for chrissakes, this?

"I was making only $65 or $70 then a week then (“Put yourself in Hattie Carnegie’s hands,” I was advised without the slightest trace of irony by an editor of the magazine for which I worked), so little money that some weeks I had to charge food at Bloomingdale’s gourmet shop in order to eat, a fact which went unmentioned in the letters I wrote to California. I never told my father that I needed money because then he would have sent it, and I would never know if I could do it by myself. At that time making a living seemed a game to me, with arbitrary but quite inflexible rules. And except on a certain kind of winter evening—six-thirty in the Seventies, say, already dark and bitter with a wind off the river, when I would be walking very fast toward a bus and would look in the bright windows of brownstones and see cooks working in clean kitchens and and imagine women lighting candles on the floor above and beautiful children being bathed on the floor above that—except on nights like those, I never felt poor; I had the feeling that if I needed money I could always get it. I could write a syndicated column for teenagers under the name “Debbi Lynn” or I could smuggle gold into India or I could become a $100 call girl, and none of would matter."

Didn't everyone who reads the Awl move to New York because of those lines? At least, in part?

Also, maybe some children would be better off being raised by people other than their actual parents?

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On The Books of 2012

@camelface @choire I feel like I discovered the fifth noble truth-- everyone is always laughing at you. That's how I read Salman Rushdie's twitter, at least. It's all about me or how else do I explain it?

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