On All the New Yorker Story Roundups You Should Read While the Stories Are Still Unlocked, As Well As All the New Yorker Stories They Link To

@Mr. B Cosigned! But I like some of these lists because I really have no idea of what non-fiction is in the older editions of the New Yorker.

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On Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

@carpetblogger I'd give you mine but that would mean I need to go in and pay an overdue fine (I'm terrified of judgement).

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On Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

@carpetblogger What I meant for the library was to ask one of your American friends for their password and log in. Almost all of the programs I know of will let you check out multiple books at a time, so if you know someone who doesn't have an e-reader, the you're totally in luck. And there's no late fees.

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On Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

@Zh Actually, most of the books that you're thinking about won't be available on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited because the large publishers have decided to not participate with this program.

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On Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

@carpetblogger may I point you to oysterbooks.com? Also, it's entirely possibly to use other people's log in for American Public libraries to access their ebook collection.

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On Word Somewhat Powerful

@mpb Right. I feel as if the only time this concept is even vaguely confusing might be on a Saturday or Sunday when you're asking about the coming weekend but only because you're still in a weekend.

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On The Case For Just Getting In That Van

Wait so the dollar van I take from somewhere on flatbush to Atlantic Avenue whenever the Q isn't running on the weekend isn't legal? The dollar vans are more reliable than the buses!

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On Internet, Why So Blue?

Oh! Doesn't Russian have a word for blue and a different one for light blue (kind of like how English differentiates between Red and Pink.

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On Cures for Afflicted Children

@holdup!holdmyphone! Fried mice sounds like the next big country fair food.

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On Elbow, "My Sad Captains"

Awwww, that was delightful.

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