On The Uncanny Language of Medical Instagram

@Bubbles I think though that if I were in a position where the doctor needed to whip out an iPhone because she was so perplexed about something my body was doing, my reaction would be 1) oh that's not good and 2) well, hopefully someone else will recognize my symptoms and be able to help make a prognosis (and know of what can help cure me).

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On Where Should We Bury the Dead Racist Literary Giants?

@905517943@twitter Even if the largest theme of the story is the inconsequential nature of human life on a cosmic scale, the story gains much of its horror and texture from the strangeness of a group of others who Lovecraft that contributes as much to the narrative as the grand theme that you espouse. Would the story be that potent if it didn't suggest a wrongness that the narrator keeps trying to avoid and not name?

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On Man Struck By Bike

@Multiphasic NO! It's not okay to hit people (I've been hit by a bike whilst in a crosswalk with the light in my favor and he was going the wrong way down the street, so trifecta of what everyone hates about bikes!). There's a great problem in that many pedestrians don't treat bikes like a proper vehicle that has the right of way, and that includes basically jay walking in front of the bike. I guess I would be very interested in knowing of the specifics of the incident, but from what I've read it sounds like the cyclist was trying to avoid hitting another group of pedestrians who had veered into the bike lane. (so moral of the story people, look before crossing the street! you might not get hurt but you might cause someone else to get hurt!)

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On Man Struck By Bike

@hershmire My favorite thing is watching pedestrians get annoyed at me being I ring the bell on my bike aggressively at them as they're in the bike lane.

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On Man Struck By Bike

@TheRtHonPM Count me among the very recently pedestrians are moron group because it was only after I started to ride a bike that I started to see that most of my typical pedestrian behavior -- like standing in the bike lane -- is quite potentially harmful to me.

And really, what's so hypocritical about asking pedestrians to follow the rules of the road as well? Such as looking before you cross the bike lane?

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On Man Struck By Bike

@TheRtHonPM However, is it really that hard to look both ways before crossing the street? There's a lot of complaint about the speed of cyclists in Prospect Park which I don't get because it's pretty easy to avoid them if you 1) look before you cross the loop and 2) treat the bike as a vehicle that has the right of way. (I don't ride in the park, but I often jog and walk around it). Pedestrians are really oblivious when it comes to treating bikes with respect (and no this does not excuse salmoning or acting like a jerk). And one thing I have noticed when I cycle around the city is that people have no problem crossing right in front of me when I do have the right of way. (Luckily, I am slooooow.) They also use the bike lanes as a place to wait to cross the street or to just stand and chat. But there's an attitude that they don't have to respect the spaces that are carved out for bikes in the way that they need to respect the ones for cars.

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On The Problem With Relying on a Machine to Eat All Your Garbage

"I use machines for everything." Farhad, Farhad, Farhad, don't you realize that your manual pedal trashcan is a simple machine?

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On When a Man Grabs You on the Subway and Tries to Drag You Down a Flight of Stairs

It's amazing what one can do when confronted. A few years back a guy was harrassing me while I was at an ATM. At first I thought that he was going to try and rob me (it was late at night, and although there were people around I wasn't certain that they were paying attention), but then he tried to solicite me. (Note, I was dressed up like any other hipstery girl going out for drinks. A miniskirt and brooklyn industries t-shirt doesn't really scream prostitute). After I grabbed my money, and repeatedly told him to leave me alone and that no, I wasn't interested in his offer I started to walk away. Then he came up and PUT HIS ARM AROUND MY WAIST. I did what any sane person would do and turned out of his hold and screamed very loudly at him to get the fuck away from me and then ran into a bodega until the owner told me that the guy was no longer in sight.

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On Memes and Misogynoir

@nicknboots I think that Lauren Jackson is very specifically discussing memes that arouse from the black community and were then co-opted as a way to promote a specific idea of acceptable black behavior.

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On Who Reads 'Mein Kampf'?

@barnhouse Can one's actions really be said to be good "for Germany" if the country spent the next couple of decades divided?

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