On Why Do So Many Romcoms Use Songs By The Cure?

Also, Robert Smith does have a knack of writing pretty, "goofy" love songs. Songs with lots of awkward sentimentality that don't feel too contrived. I found myself walking past three people in Trader Joes this weekend, all of whom were quietly singing along with Love Song, and they all looked like they were close to crying...

So, it may be a lazy choice but it's probably not a bad one.

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On Selling Out: The Joys of Adult Indie Easy Listening

We still have The Fall, I believe. No smooth session musician drummers, no bass players with "chops", just the usual mess. Not that I've ever listened to them.

Also, Finisterre was a career highlight for the 'Tienne, surely?

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On The Rally and the Velvet Rope: Is Jon Stewart Still Our Fellow Citizen?

Agreed, the F-word needs a bit of a time-out right now.

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On You Can Put Your Top Back On Now: Rediscovering the Women of Fluxus at MoMA

I too was a victim of the "straight while male" syndrome but everything's different now.

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On Who Is Britain's Ugliest Woman? All Of Them!

Interesting to see American women clocking in at #2 there (just ahead of the Germans) which, considering how much money they spend on cosmetic procedures and the fact that most Americans don't travel abroad anyway, is actually something of a feat.

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