By Niko Bellic on Why Won't Anybody Say That "Noah" Is Terrible?

@Mrjeremy And who are you?

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By ragazza on How Should We Deal With The Worst Of The Internet?

This guy hates women, period. Why? Well, that's not my problem to figure out. But why I should give two fucks about someone who clearly has a huge problem with half of the human species is beyond me.

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By whizz_dumb on How Should We Deal With The Worst Of The Internet?

"You made it very clear that being nice, chivalrous, and patient was not the way to have sex with you."

This is an insane, insecure, high school bro stance…at best. Being nice, being genuinely courteous, and being patient absolutely does get you laid in the best way. Being coercive is the worst. (Preaching to the choir).

As for "You made me forget about marriage", that poor poor baby someone help him remember about marriage.

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By thematt on White Conservatives On Supreme Court Wondering Whether We Need Laws That Allow Black People To Vote For Democrats

So! In addition to being a big Ken Layne fan, I'm a liberal lawyer and I want the Voting Rights Act upheld and I disagree with Clarence Thomas on almost everything and I don't want to defend his politics or his legal reasoning or his personality or anything else.

But! He is really not a puppet of Scalia et al. He actually has a different constitutional philosophy from the rest of the conservatives; he votes differently from them sometimes and often writes separately because he comes from different principles. Your tastes may vary but I find him far more intellectually consistent and just plain smart than, for instance, Scalia, whose reputation for brilliance rests mainly on his being a blowhard. You can judge for yourself by reading his many opinions; I suspect you have not.

As for his not talking: Everyone knows that oral argument is always a waste of time, and Thomas is just *right* that the justices who do ask questions are grandstanding, and not actually trying to get information, persuade, or be persuaded.

I'll also hazard a guess that you have not read many opinions by, for instance, Sam Alito, nor do you have a great sense of how often he talks during oral arguments or how often he votes independently from, e.g., Scalia. (Because: Sam Alito is white, so no one is invested in thinking he's dumb!)

This brings me to my point, which is that describing Thomas as "sitting up there with your four white bosses who do the talking and tell you how to vote" is not subversively anti-racist or cleverly reverse-racist or whatever you think it is. It's just dumb, and racist, and also dumb. You're better than that.

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By Niko Bellic on Reagan Proven Much More Awesome at Fixing America Than Obama

@marcm Not bad, but if you were just a little bit more "less stupid", you'd get the sarcastic tone of that headline (not to mention the whole point of citing Miami Herald on the story with the tinge of the eighties nostalgia).

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By atipofthehat on 'Times' Poll: Should or Should We Not Print Lies?

BBC reporter: "Yes, but isn't that complete and total nonsense? In fact, isn't the opposite actually true?"

NYT reporter: "'The Earth is flat, say sources at the Flat Earth Society. Some astronomers, however, may disagree."

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By Eccles on Michele Bachmann, America's Perfect Monster

I am, I suppose, one of those homeschooled kids with soft hands. Michele is actually my godmother and had a huge influence on my upbringing (including home schooling, being sent to Summit for extensive indoctrination, and Marcus having me hospitalized in his specially recommended Christian psychiatric facility half way across the country from my home, around the time I began to question the "Young Earth" theory.)

I've refrained from writing about her, because it's a pickle. I've wanted so much for there to be something... excusable about this. She and my mom are best friends. She was there the day my dad died, spoke at his funeral. But when her face started to be everywhere, I began to have these massive panic reactions and ended up calling a suicide hotline the week Michele won the Ames Straw Poll, which led to my being diagnosed with PTSD from that upbringing, and therapy, and now I can speak somewhat more honestly about her.

And I guess all I want to say is: Watch out. She won't give up. She really does believe she speaks for god, as @juliahairpincommenter indicates. The cultish branch of Christianity that I come from is absolutely authoritarian and without doubt, which is relativism, which is post-modernism, which is a lie from Satan.

They truly believe they are fighting the forces of darkness, these people. I was told, at five years old, that real Satanic witches in the next town were sending real demons to come and kill us in our beds, and I was taught how to pray a wash of Jesus's blood over my body in protection against them. Five years old. Who does that? True believers do that. When my dad was dying of pancreatic cancer, he truly believed that God would save him, to the point that he went on public television and told everyone who happened to be tuned in. He believed it up until the day his kidneys failed. His belief allowed him to completely ignore the fact of his coming death. It gave him meaning. It meant he didn't have to ask forgiveness for the things he did to me in the name of that belief.

That's why Michele hasn't stopped. She can't stop. The things she's done, the things she said, are so terrible from any other angle, and have caused so much pain and suffering, and taken such a toll on her personally, that she must ABSOLUTELY CARRY ON. If she doesn't, it is to deny Christ, and Christ living within her.

I absolutely believe that she will be back. Her response to losing this will only be renewed conviction that God is readying her for 2016. And the only thing that truly bothers me about this is how shallowly most people have apprehended the true violence of her beliefs. I grant you, she's a nice lady. And she stands by her convictions, bless her. But it's not just praying away the gay. It's a perfect spiritual holocaust.

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By thomas_ on The Awl's Noted Pork Arbitrage Theorist Willy Staley On Bloomberg TV

"Laughing all the way... to the bank."

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By dntsqzthchrmn on The Night Occupy Los Angeles Tore Itself In Two

@Matt Cornell Yeah, some 50+ percent plan on voting for Obama twice. Thank goodness.

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By sharilyn on David Bowie, In Order

I'm sure it marks me as the greasiest hipster in the room, but I pretty much agree with the first 12 placements on this list. 'Hunky Dory' is a solid chunk of weird genius! I've possibly listened to 'Diamond Dogs' more than any other record, ever! I'm deeply in love with 'Let's Dance'!

BUT the Eno records are above and beyond, more than rock, something transcendent and subconscious, painfully beautiful. The first time I listened to 'Low' (on vinyl, in San Francisco, NATCH) it actually made me sad that I was unlikely to ever create something so amazing. I was seething with love/jealousy for Bowie/Eno and angry at myparents for letting me be born too late.

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