On How To Make Perfect Risotto

@wallsdonotfall Copper core stainless steel is the best but can be very expensive. Aluminum core stainless steel is good too. (Cast iron has good heat distribution but is very heavy and thus likely better suited for skillets.)

A good saute pan should have a rectangular loop handle opposite the main handle for ease of handling. It should also be oven-safe. 12-inches is great if it's not too heavy for you and you have the storage space.

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On Super Sexy Women's Halloween Costumes

I feel bad for finding that Nazi dog adorable.

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On Pet Shop Boys Singles, 1985-2010

I'm okay with "Being Boring" being number 4. Cheers and thanks for this list!

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On The Velvet Underground, In Order

I used to sing "I'll Be Your Mirror" to my dog back in high school, or maybe I just imagined that I did after she died.

After that, though, "Candy Says" definitely.

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On Big Rat Attacks Cats

General Woundwort approves.

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On Expanding The 'Human Centipede' Franchise

_The Centipede Centipede_: a mad surgeon sews together three centipedes mouth to anus to create a somewhat longer centipede.

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