On Michael Grimm For Mayor

The 'politicians I would do' tag retrieves only this post. Really starting to doubt this whole semantic web thing, tbqh.

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On How To Stop Not Writing

Tl; dw.

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On To Tlön: Let's Invade Reality

Brilliant. This piece could only be improved by finding out Mikanowski is some Araki Yasusada-like character.

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On I'm Just Gonna Stop Asking If It's Over For Berlusconi

'Brazil is the country of the future!'... just signing in, really... five years? Five years.

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On A Year Without Internet

Mmm, even the more sociological critique seems to pre-suppose there's still some outside from which we can judge this. And Morozov arguing against the power of the net to eat your mind: straight whistling in the dark (while thinking of the screwdrivers).

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On Epic Poem Pick For The Super Bowl

'And not whaling but spouting'.

I love these and have no idea - other people's sports - but also always cheer for the whale.

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On Playgirl's First Hardon

Most disappointing clickthrough EVER.

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On On Shirky, On Jarvis, On Rosen And Gillmor!

Alan Rusbridger's the softest of touches for this crowd.

What can you do when a kindly old Aunt really wants to give it all away to a Bhagwan and, to be fair, he really has made her the happiest she's been in 20 years, far happier than her mean old husband ever did?

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On New E-Bookstore Has Best FAQ Ever

@Choire Sicha Yes, I shouldn't have generalised using this publisher as an example and I apologise for dragging them in. It's just I've recently seen the books of two people I know (ten quid paperbacks before the usual Amazon discounts) almost given away on the Kindle - 'get X for the price of a cup of coffee' &c - and can't escape the feeling that without all those people in the value chain sucking-up part of the book price there'll be fewer people invested in publishing and fewer people to care about books more than they care about a cup of coffee. So, while the author might earn a dollar or two more per book they'll have to earn it all on their own in a crowded and distracted attention economy.

So, an emotional reaction. In short: the record industry; I GOT THE FEAR!

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On New E-Bookstore Has Best FAQ Ever

@Choire Sicha I give you joy of being served and wish them well but can't get beyond the fact that the shift from book to e-publishing involves not an incremental race to the bottom but a sudden Wile.E.Coyote canyon fall. And then just when an author thinks it's over - their work has been reduced to its marginal cost - an anvil will hit them on the head. *walks away like a concertina*

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