On A Man Walks into a Boxing Ring

Mike Tyson, GNR, NWA: these are what got me through 1988.

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On A Conversation with Patricia Lockwood

And this-

You know when your dog looks at you with its head cocked to one side, half “… go on” and half “I used to be a wolf”?

-is when I knew Patricia will have whatever she wants in this world. Her power of expression is simply sublime.

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On Man Responds To Internet List

Uh, no Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold?

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On Two Early Poems By Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt

'fuck v-necks i'm the rapper to invest in'

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On Psychological Risks Associated With Pencil Sharpening, From David Rees' 'How To Sharpen Pencils'

Get Your War On got me through those early post 911 years. Thank you David.

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On Cop-Taunting Is Tacky

I tried this on a cop once. Totally works!

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On Are You Your Friend?

I'm pretty sure not considering I spend the time staring at the inside of my medicine cabinet while brushing my teeth.

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On And Remember to Tip Your Waiters Real Good Tonight, Wall Street

I just got my last paycheck for a job. That was a bonus.

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On Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011

One of the best trolls out there. Here here, Hitch.

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On The Financial Crisis: Are You Angry Or Apathetic?

It just makes me want to unscrew my cyanide tooth.

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