On Chihuahua Does Not Fear Sheep


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On Galliano v. Strauss-Kahn

@russell brandom You have to think of BHL's chest as jazz, and imagine all the shirts he could be buttoning. That said, that's a lot of jazz for the Situation Room.

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On Englishman Impervious To Glassing

@cherrispryte Perhaps this will help: http://www.celebitchy.com/13219/sean_bean_arrested_for_assaulting_wife/

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On A Loosely Chronological Survey Of Messrs. In Blues, Soul, R&B And Rap

It's impossible to listen to Having a Party without eventually discovering you've been grinning for most of the song.

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On The Weird, Frictionless Politics Of 'Parks And Recreation'

@DorothyMantooth Yes. Parks & Recreation ≠ The Wire. (Or for those that enjoy Canadian TV, Parks & Recreation ≠ DaVinci's Inquest.)

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On The Weird, Frictionless Politics Of 'Parks And Recreation'

"If we expect government to work in the way it does on 'Parks and Rec'—convivially, quickly, logically, joyously"

Are you watching the same show I am? Because what we've seen repeatedly on P&R is the repeated failures of government to act in those ways. For example, the pit was only filled by Leslie acting outside the bounds of her bureaucratic responsibilites, the internecine fighting between the library and the park departments bubbles up multiple times, and City Hall's fourth floor aka "the creepiest place on Earth" is home to the DMV and Records departments, etc.

We have seen Leslie, however, act (or at least try to act) convivially, quickly, logically, and joyously: which is where the charm of that charcter is located. Most of our everyday experiences with government agencies and functions don't particularly leave us with the impression those employees have much desire to perform their jobs with those qualities.

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On The Weird, Frictionless Politics Of 'Parks And Recreation'

@lempha I'd argue it's Andy who's the MPDG (MPDB?) in that equation.

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On A Lost E.E. Cummings Poem Discovered

This was fantastic, thanks.

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On BHL Types Again! French Man Believes Rape is a Crime!

@scrooge It is a valid legal distinction, but given BHL's public conspiracy-theorizing, him invoking this distinction only draws further attention to his presumptions/allegations of insincerity on the part of the alleged victim and the justice system. For example, his characterizing the pursuit of these criminal charges as "puritanical nonsense."

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On Happy People Just As Messed Up As The Rest Of Us

Nice try boston.com, but I already read the long-form David Rakoff version.

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