On Michele Bachmann, America's Perfect Monster

@SeanP I thought they were already exiling themselves? http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/silicon-valley-billionaire-funding-creation-artificial-libertarian-islands-140840896.html

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On Excerpts From 'How to Be: North Dakota'

And in (South) Dakota, dinner is what the fancy coastal types call "lunch."

Is there mention or explanation of knoephle or bierocks? Because interested parties may or may not be a little homesick sometimes.

This looks great Abe, really. Can't wait to get to read it.

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On A Tale Of Two Chilis

Oh sure, someone remember to add smoked paprika and chocolate, but neither added either mesquite or CINNAMON. But seriously, CINNAMON.

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On How To Write A Love Poem

This is excellent.

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On Cheese Appreciated

@jfruh Wrong: Velveeta is not precisely cheese. It's like Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza, which is neither pizza nor Mexican, but some other disturbingly delicious third thing that one cannot help oneself from eating despite one's better self. Velveeta is cheese only insofar as it is also not-cheese; Rather, it is best defined as some kind of magical uncheese.

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On Cheese Appreciated

Meh, a creamy-ish smoked gouda + fuji apple slices is as close to perfection in life as one could ever hope to find.

And Kraft singles? Are they kidding? The Yves vegan cheddar slices are, perhaps ironically, the best thing ever for either cheeseburgers or grilled cheese or grilled cheese & ham sandwiches. (Even better than Munster, which is otherwise hard to beat for those purposes.)

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On Old Dogs Are The New Babies

I like to think of my children as my dogs. There's a whole lot of stained carpets, idiotically loud noises, and of course the shifty-eyed silences which follow the question, "omg, what the hell just happened in here?" after a room appears to have blown up after a 5 minute abscence.

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On Squirrel Emphatic

Thank goodness the comments didn't ignore the all important grey vs red squirrel debate. Who would want a cute animal picture on the internet that doesn't provoke controversy.

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On David Foster Wallace's Self-Help Books Removed From Archive

@Daria Labinsky@twitter The commentary wasn't issued by Dr. DFW, MD, or a DFW HMO; it's the notes, marginalia and observations of DFW, a person who wrote for a living. Not sure how HIPAA would apply.

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On 60 Of Baseball’s Best Names (That Are Not Hunter Pence), In Order

Goose Gossage.

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