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Most Recently: Hollywood, Stop Botching Your Third Movies

Yes, John Ore is Clarence Rosario. He's 1/16th cannibal, and has a crush on Andres Iniesta.

Hollywood, Stop Botching Your Third Movies

Ewoks. Tina Turner. Religious space prisoners. Sofia Coppola. Here is where we sit for a moment and gravely reflect on all the horrific things that can go wrong when an otherwise amazing trilogy hits its third installment. READ MORE

Two "Black"-Hearted Drinks From Cold, Dark, Faraway Places

A good friend of mine insists that having a nice meal while you're traveling is considered sightseeing. Since I've had the privileges of accompanying him at nice meals in places like Moscow, Prague and Budapest, I tend to agree: food's as important an entry point to any new place as art or architecture. As a corollary, though, I'd submit that another essential part of experiencing a foreign culture is getting drunk on the local hooch. Now, I don't want to come off all Anthony Bourdain-y here—hey, look at me! I travel! I drink!—especially since Bourdain is a huge wimp for claiming that hakarl was "the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing" he'd ever eaten (more on that later). Has he never eaten Guy Fieri's Cajun Chicken Alfredo? Still, I've been lucky to travel a bit, and stunt-drinking native booze is always high on the itinerary. READ MORE

Grenadian Sorrel Drink

A series on actually good nonalcoholic drinks to serve abstaining friends or make for yourself. READ MORE

My Ambitious Attempt To Make Puerto Rican Pasteles

A series about foods we miss and our quests to recreate them. READ MORE

Things To Drink This Fall: Sorel Cocktails

When the weather turns cold/apocalyptic, your cocktails need to step it up a notch, and your bitter aperitifs are no exception. Lucky for you, there's Sorel. Full disclosure: Sorel is an artisanal, handcrafted twee little liqueur made in—of COURSE—Brooklyn. So that makes this recipe something of a trend piece! And trend pieces should go with summer drinks (see Aperol!), not fall ones, right? But resisting Sorel is futile because it's good. Really good. Billed as a hibiscus liqueur, Sorel wraps up classic fall flavors like cinnamon, clove, ginger and rhubarb and is versatile enough to both complement or supplement things like sweet vermouth, Campari or other aperitifs. READ MORE

A Flank Steak For The End of Summer

A series on things to make, eat and imbibe this summer. READ MORE

T-Bone, For Two

A series on things to make, eat and imbibe this summer. READ MORE

Hiking The Grand Canyon In A Day

Signs posted at the rim of the Grand Canyon warn you not to attempt to hike to the river and back in one day: it's too strenuous, and you need to be prepared with food and a gallon of water per person. Apparently, there are several deaths (especially in the summer months) and 250 rescues made each year, so the National Park Service is serious about this. Typical warnings exhort: "DO NOT attempt to hike from the rim to the river and back in one day, especially May to September." READ MORE

Ribs, For Their Pleasure

A series on things to make, eat and imbibe this summer. READ MORE

A Breezy Summertime Guide To Picnicking In The City

Sometimes, the curses of living in NYC turn out to be its blessings. When you can stretch your arms out and touch both walls of your bedroom—or, both roommates—the great outdoors becomes less an escape and more of a living room. Luckily, Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux had your back even before you moved in with your "boyfriend." New Yorkers have long enjoyed recreational use of open public spaces. I like to uphold that tradition with the classic picnic in the park. And sure, grabbing a slice and flopping down on someone's sweatshirt in Washington Square can be perfectly nice—and easy. But with a little more effort, you can turn a simple snack into a luxurious idyll in the park. When the weather is nice, forget about brunch: go have a picnic. READ MORE