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John Ore

Most Recently: Hollywood, Stop Botching Your Third Movies

Yes, John Ore is Clarence Rosario. He's 1/16th cannibal, and has a crush on Andres Iniesta.

Beach House Dinner: Shrimp On The Grill

A series on things to make, eat and imbibe this summer. READ MORE

Spanish Jambalaya Casserole

With spring officially here, we've reached the two final installments of this series of favorite casserole recipes (with crockery recommendations) from The Awl and The Hairpin. But before you go full fair-weather grill-out, a recipe for jambalaya. READ MORE

Four Cocktails To Get You Through The Holidays

With the holidays upon us, everyone seems to crave booze a little more than usual. Either you’re hosting, party-hopping or catching a drink with a friend. The temperatures are cold. It's dark by three in the afternoon. Drynuary lurks ahead. And, after it turns out your Christmas Bonus is a subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club, you could use a little pick me up. READ MORE

Everything I Ate At The Minnesota State Fair

I was indoctrinated into the cult of the Minnesota State Fair six years ago. At the time, it was sort of a goof with my then-girlfriend, now-wife: we were dating long distance between San Francisco and New York, so it was an excuse to meet halfway and in her hometown. Twelve hours, two orders of fried cheese curds, several Leinie’s and a live taping of "A Prairie Home Companion" later, I was hooked for good. I've only missed it twice since. (Once, for my wedding, and then last year, because my very-expectant wife was grounded.) Now, the Fair is as much of a Labor Day tradition to me as no longer wearing white shoes. Or switching from gin to brown liquor. READ MORE

Mastering The Art Of Urban Grilling

New York City has a 24-hour-subway system, gay marriage and David Chang. What we don't have are rolling suburban lawns on which to accommodate Charbroil Offset Smokers when we want to char the hell out of some animal flesh. With Labor Day fast approaching, 4th floor walkups and a lust for a perfectly grilled ribeye will soon collide, and an urban grillmaster will have to adapt. Here’s how (with bonus Beer Can Chicken recipe)! READ MORE

Best Movie Closing Songs, In Order

20. "The Promise," Napoleon Dynamite

19. "Wake Up," The Matrix

18. "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life," Life of Brian

17. "What A Feeling," Flashdance

16. "Queen Bitch," The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

15. "If You Were Here," Sixteen Candles

14. "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes," Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

13. "Can't Help Falling In Love," Some Kind Of Wonderful

12. "Where Is My Mind," Fight Club

11. "Mickey Mouse Club Theme Song," Full Metal Jacket

10. "Dead Flowers," The Big Lebowski

9. "Ooh La La," Rushmore

8. "Jai Ho," Slumdog Millionaire

7. "God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters," Heat

6. "I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)," High Fidelity

5. "Born Slippy," Trainspotting

4. "Adagio For Strings," Platoon

3. "You’re So Cool," True Romance

2. "Don't You Forget About Me," The Breakfast Club

1. "Just Like Honey," Lost In Translation

John Ore hopes his movie will close with "Yakety Sax."

The Greatest Beastie Boys Lyrical References To New York, In Order

30. "I'm the Kung Fu Master vs. The Sumo Wrestler READ MORE

41 Movie Remakes That Would Destroy What Remains Of My Youth, In Order Of Heartbreak

41. North Shore (1987) READ MORE

Piragi (AKA Latvian Bacon Rolls)

To me, Thanksgiving is as red-blooded an American holiday as there is. Food, football, uncomfortable family moments, and (most American of all) overindulgence. Thanksgivings of my youth added flavors of the American immigrant, inverting the classic Pilgrim-noble savage model. READ MORE

Roger Waters on Tour: "The Wall," 20 Years Later

Before he launched off on a year-long tour, my (then very pregnant!) wife and I had the privilege to attend a rehearsal of Roger Waters' live performance of The Wall-Live at the Izod Center in New Jersey. READ MORE