On The 19 Best Failed TV Shows Of The 90s (As Judged By Their Openings)

I vividly remember being devastated when Fish Police was cancelled.

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On Andrew Lloyd Webber Is 65

Other March 22 births: William Shatner, Bob Costas, Chico Marx, Karl Malden, Stephen Sondheim, Orrin Hatch, Elvis Stojko, Dick Pound, Wolf Blitzer, and JJ Watt. It's a weird day.

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On Why We Need Best Supporting-Supporting Actor & Actress Categories

@Gene Sorry, Richard Kind was great in A Serious Man, Richard Jenkins was great in Burn After Reading, and I have some weird blind spot when it comes to those two.

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On "House of Cards," Episodes 9-13: The Ones Where Everything Goes Nuts

I really want to know if Frank has something totally juicy on Stamper, or if Stamper just really likes being a henchman. I suspect it's the latter. He excels in henchmanery.

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On Thar Might Be Dragons… Or Thar Might Be Nothing At All

@hershmire I contain multitudes (of smaller Victorias. Matryoshka-style).

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On New York City Subway Lines, In Order, That We Miss Terribly

I can't wait to see the transit museum's exhibit on Sandy. If they have one. They will probably have one.

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On The Great Pumpkin Beer-Off

@Leon Tchotchke Weyerbacher made it to the Final Gourd last year (you can see the bracket here)! The Spiced Sixteen are basically whatever anyone shows up with to my house and no one brought it this year :-/ But, yeah, shit's gooooood.

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On Can Adele Do It Better Than Carly Simon?

In the same vein as Kanye, Robbie Williams' Millennium borrows from You Only Live Twice.

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On Wisdom Teeth

Here's the story I love to tell to friends who are nervous about wisdom tooth extraction: my dentist missed with one of the novocaine shots and 'jangled' (his word, which I assume must be the medically correct verb) a nerve instead. The left side of my jaw was totally numb for two months! But then it wore off and I had to ask people to stop pinching me there at parties.

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On Wide Array Of Convenience Store Crappers Heralded

Yeah, but it's still no Wall Drug.

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