On Ken Hoinsky On Seduction, Women And Mistakes

@IBentMyWookie Since I don't think your life begins and ends on this site, not talking about the site. Pretty sure your life is the one selling women out behind their backs while you pretend to be a dude. To get laid. If that wasn't clear. AKA sell out

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On Ken Hoinsky On Seduction, Women And Mistakes

@IBentMyWookie I hope you get a lot of male attention. You really seem to work for it.

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On Ken Hoinsky On Seduction, Women And Mistakes

This is an unbelievably disgusting article. Fuck you for using the terms hysteria and fuck you for selling women out and encouraging these rationalizations for sexual assault. The Awl....what the fuck are you morons thinking? Did somebody drink decaf this morning? jesus christ.

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On Maine Governor Just Trying To Raise Awareness Of Lube

Yes, because people are either good or bad and have no in between. Someone who is against domestic violence can't possibly be contributing to rape culture in other subtle and insidious ways. Nope!

Nor would an apology that acknowledged metaphors based on rape as an acceptable punishment are not cool be at all helpful. NOPE.

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On Why You Want To Kill All Those Idiots In Front Of You

Oh hey look, journos can't report science effectively in the Daily Fail. I am amazed.

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On Exposing The Evil Cult Of Bilderberg, With Your Host Alex Jones

I'm grateful for this journalist and I hope he didn't get any Alex Jones on himself.

And I HATE agreeing with him about Kissinger - but seriously, dude's a war criminal and should have been shot for what he did in Vietnam.

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On 'Life Is Sweet,' And Available To Buy

Favourite movie of all time. Still have the VHS.

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On Your Street Probably Smells Like Semen Right Now—But It Might Not Next Spring

@My Number Is My Address

V pleased this was the first comment.

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On Ask Polly: I Am 40. Will I Be Alone Forever?

4 months into a separation? You're in Break Up Land. Do self care and worry later. After a 13 year relationship? Woof. If it's over, cut the cord and try to start moving on. This isn't about age, really, is it? It's that you have to re-design your entire life and you don't remember what it looked like before.

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On Who Does The Best "Chelsea Hotel #2"?

The intro to the original version made me shiver. Please do this for another 15 Cohen songs, pleasethanks.

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