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On Everyone's Looking At Your Dick In The Locker Room

It's probably been 20 years since I saw Slap Shot and I remember none of the (male) homophobic stuff, but the bit where Paul Newman is taunting the goalie about his lesbian wife really stuck with me. The in-movie logic is that the goalie's wife really is a lesbian, who had only days before left the goalie for another woman, and there's a scene either right before or right after that game where Paul Newman is explaining that he wasn't just getting inside the goalie's head (though he obviously was) but that he was also telling the truth; he says (I'm paraphrasing) "She really *is* a lesbian! And she's a lovely person, too." I think I remember the bit so well because I felt like that last aside about how she was nice gave me permission to still like Paul Newman's character.

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On Let's Get Small

"You want to have a place that is beautiful but not overbearing on your life, especially if you have multiple homes" hahahahahaha

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On Bodies Given To Science

An ex of mine's father committed suicide, carefully planned, when she and her brother were in her early 20s. Her father was divorced and estranged from their mother and most of his family, and didn't have very much money, and nor did his young-adult children; in his rather detailed note, he told them not to worry about burial expenses, as the army, which he had been in years before, would pay for it. Unfortunately, it turns out they wouldn't, because he had been dishonorably discharged for selling ammunition from the base to Mexican bandits. So she and her brother decided that their father, who wasn't at all religious but was a huge autodidact and was fascinated by science, would be happy to have his body donated for research and education. His side of the family was furious with them! People really care about bodies and stuff, it turns out.

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On See You On The Ice Floe


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On Introducing "Oscar-Nominated Songwriter Karen O"


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On What Whisper Is




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On Is Tweeting During Awards Shows Good For America?

extremely not surprised about the 20+ unread messages

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On "Her": This Movie Makes No Sense

I haven't seen this movie, but I think writing within movies (and to a lesser extent, in-narrative writing in books and other prose) is generally pretty dire! I'm not sure why that is, since it is as a rule created by writers. Maybe grappling with meta-writing is a tricky business, maybe the writers are trying to create writing that isn't in their own style and it comes out all clunky, maybe you make it more "writer-y" (generally, more overwrought and self-counscious) to mark it out as a creation of one of your characters according to his/her own personality and talents. Conveying the written word in an audio-visual medium probably has its own problems too, of course.

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On What Happened To The Jobs?

Would be very interested to know what percentage of the people who aren't in the workforce might generously be considered "retired" -- i.e. over, say, 60 -- even if not working at the age they are wasn't considered part of their retirement plan 10 years ago.

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On Ask Polly: My Parents Don't Want Me To Marry This Short Man And I'm Freaking Out!

@flossy yeah, I also am stopping by to guess "tattoo artist," as it seems to fit with the other cultural signifiers offered. It's probably the least interesting of the dilemmas offered by the letter writer, so I was a little glad to see that it apparently nagged at Polly, just like it nagged at me.

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