My mom says clothes look good on me.

On 28 Years with Weird Al


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On Quiz: Can You Tell What Makes a Good Tweet? (Corrected)

katie is just going to win this one too :(

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On Against 'Alan'


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On Brutalism's Bullies

One of the big problems with the Mechanic is its lack of functionality -- basically, it doesn't have the huge backstage spaces and loading docks necessary to put on a big musical production of the sort theaters of that capacity need to make money now. The role is currently being filled by the Hippodrome, a turn-of-the-century theater that was abandoned but has been lovingly restored; it had the advantage of being on a block of similarly abandoned buildings, all of which have been gutted and turned into part of the theater complex.

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On Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Won't Stop Raging About My Sexual History

@antarctica starts here yeah re: herpes I'm not a doctor but if I heard from doctors what LW says she heard from doctors I would very much believe that I don't have the "real" kind of herpes!

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On The Trials of 'Entertainment Weekly': One Magazine's 24 Years of Corporate Torture

"I'd read each issue from cover-to-cover, deciding on its predominant "themes," and record this data in an elaborate database program on my Apple IIe."

My heart grew three sizes just reading that sentence.

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On The Dystopia Derby

FYI John, they did already replace recruiters with robots


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On The End of Slogans

@holdup!holdmyphone! you eat that rodeo cheesburger, man, never let them tell you there's another way you should be

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On Journalists Cowed

Probably a good place to point out that people who register/identify as politically "independent" usually vote for one party just as consistently as people who register/identify with that party.

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On Action Films Quantified

that's a nice pic of some spideysplaining at the top of this article. the relative 'splain ... of a SPIDER

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