On 20 People to Follow on Twitter: @MrCraigBierko

So we're all just going to pretend that we don't actually know who he is from his two-episode stint as ADD guy on Sex and the City? Fine, I can play that game.

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On Five Writers Explain How They Got, Kept and Fired Agents

That was a really interesting read. I have to admit that connections played a way bigger role in these anecdotes than I'd expected, but it's cool to see all the different ways these relationships can come about. Also, having been an editorial assistant at a major publishing house (or what I assume "Anonymous" thinks of as an "intern"), I would be shocked to discover that more than 15% or so of that post was true.

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On Rivers Cuomo Messes You Up Forever

I was more in love with a fictional hybrid of Rivers Cuomo and Kurt Cobain, heavier on the latter, during adolescence, and I loved this. What's interesting to me is that this was cool with you at the time and later you realized it was gross, when for me, this worked in reverse. The first few times I listened to Pinkerton, it was like receiving a creepy doll that you shove in the back of your closet in an effort to obliterate its existence from your consciousness. Later on in life, when I tried again, I seem to have switched over into appreciating what I felt was a totally self-conscious creepiness that I observed with the same sort of fascination I'd enjoy reading a book called Autobiography of a stalker.

Also, tl;dr might be the most obnoxious comment in the history of the Internet.

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On Matt Cherette Is Going To Move To New York City

I feel like I just read a letter home to my mom about my new best friend from camp. That said, I think Matt's great on Gawker and his coverage of the Late Night Wars was utterly insane. I'm a big fan, and will definitely be happy to see him get where he's going.

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On Meghan Keane: 'The Office' is the Most Depressing Show on Television

Dead ON, that's meant to say. Oh, good Lord, I suck.

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On Meghan Keane: 'The Office' is the Most Depressing Show on Television

This was so incredibly dead from start to finish that it made me sad to read it. I love this show, and will stick with it no matter but, but Jim and Pam have become assholes, and gone from the people you want to be friends with to the friends you realize are actually poisonous. On the one hand, I'm impressed with how incredibly true to life this seems--in a lousy environment, the more self-aware you are, the more miserable you will be. On the other hand, it makes from some seriously slit-your-wrists TV, and I'll take the beautifully un-selfconscious remainder of the crew over that any day. Here's hoping the writers--and the Halperts--get it together soon.

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On Public Apology: Dear Everlast From House Of Pain

That was awesome. Also, it made me want to apologize to this guy I hurt when I was a junior in high school.

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On This 'Valentine's Day' Trailer Is Killing Me

Can't you just pretend it's good, so those of us who are obviously going to see it anyway can not feel so bad about it? Can we get a "tour de force" in there somewhere?

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On Gawker, Theft, the 'Washington Post', Quotation and Some History

I decided to think of it as doing Gawker a service. However, I will be keeping my doors locked tonight, just in case.

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On Gay and Straight Men Who Love Bags

He certainly took care to mention that "girlfriend" of his!

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