On In Praise Of Editors, Or In This Case, Editor


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On The Love of My Twenties: An Unexpurgated, Factual Account

@sunnyciegos @Choire http://youtu.be/-aLYvZ5sX28

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On The Internet Ended With A Cat Slideshow And No One Noticed

OK but did you see the Cat Heaven Island thing on the FuzzBeed? Because that was also good.

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On David Edelstein's Enduring Fixation On Keira Knightley's Jaw, Documented

But does he find her hot? That is the burning question which animates every Edelstein column I've ever read.

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On Brooklyn Smug Reaches New Hideous Heights

@MichelleDean P.S. By weekend I plainly meant, "Two hellish days of hellfire."

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On Brooklyn Smug Reaches New Hideous Heights

Queens smug also had a renaissance on the weekend. We didn't lose either cable or internet here in Astoria.

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On "I Put Myself in the Camp of Henry David Thoreau"--Conrad Black

She came to visit him from China!

This guy is the best entertainer Canada's ever produced. Celine Dion, eat your heart out.

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On A Handy Test for Reddit Users: Are You on the Internet Right Now?

Ohmahgah, remember Usenet?

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On Accounts of Heaven Severely Contradictory

Heaven is heteronormative.

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On Burn It Down: The New Terrible Million-Dollar Brooklyn Apartment

Choire you can come live in Astoria. Where, I note, there is a sudden sales crunch, according to the broker I randomly encountered in a grocery store yesterday. GET IN ON YOUR UGLY FEDDERS CONDO WHILE THE GOING IS GOOD.

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