By Gef the Talking Mongoose on Pause

I look forward to the measured, proportionate response of our national-security apparatus to this incident.

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By SuperMargie on 'Crash': The Most Loathsome Best Picture Of Them All

@Lionel Mandrake Both of those scenes caused me to ugly-cry and almost take to my bed in the worst way. Once when I was twelve, the other time when I was thirty-five.

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By KenWheaton on Save The Sunburned Whales

Have we learned nothing about using U.K. newspapers (well, any newspapers for that matter, as a source for science things).

"It is not clear what is causing this increase." Maybe it's that we just started counting this decade and have no real numbers to compare them to! Or maybe the "in" thing among blue whales this year is the GTL!

I thought this piece in the Atlantic, though mostly about medical science, should be applied to all science news ... or science "news."

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science

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By Aatom on Media Industry Perfect Training For Running School System, Apparently

Hey! You got your dying media industry in my thankless public sector job! You got your thankless public sector job in my dying media industry!

Two bitter tastes that taste synergistic together.

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