On 'Twilight Series': Bite Me Four Times Shame On Me

I have several dozen times contemplated re-writing the series. Same characters and plot, minus the terrible writing (subbing in my own adequate writing and, you know, voice). Aside from the dubious legality, I think it's actually a good idea. Pretty sure I could boil it down into 1 long book, once I cut all the nonce.

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On Is the World's Most Miraculous Car a Ho-Hum Hybrid Prius?

We own two hybrids, a 2010 Prius and a 2012 Camry hybrid. The '10 Prius replaced the first-sold-in-my-city '01 Prius which...while nothing had died, it just kept having minor problems. So I traded it in. And OMG, the 2010 is amazing and awesome.
But when it was time for my husband to trade in his 12 year old BMW, he couldn't handle making us a two Prius family. Because we have too many NPR totebags already. The camry drives like a "real" car and looks like a real car (it also gets 10 mpg less than the Prius).
We thought about waiting for the new Fusion Hybrid, but then we'd be buying American, and that's CRAZY Talk.

Also, this crazy hawk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C._Boyden_Gray drove an electric car for the same reason Woolsey has a Prius. The extreme right and left really CAN be friends (at least if they are in the same socio-economic stratum!)

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On Airlines, By Level of Evil

I don't care if it's efficient. The lack of assigned seating on Southwest makes me crazy. They sponsor my nonprofit, so I have to fly them. I have been tempted to pay for airline tickets on other airlines out of my own pocket just to avoid them. I hate it so so much. Mostly I hate how it makes all humans, ever, act like idiots and/or assholes.

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On Ask Polly: I Feel Guilty About How Absurdly Rich I Am!

I am absurdly behind on my Awl reading, which is too bad. Look, LW#1, I am also a trust fund baby, and I feel your pain. Being in the 1%, but not the top part of the 1%, can sometimes be complicated. Not complicated in the way it's complicated to be poor, no, and not hard like that. But complicated. Because for people who have struggled more financially it is easy to lump all the "haves" together. There's a big difference between my trust fund -- which, in total, at its highest pre-recession level was less than Mitt Romney paid in taxes less year -- and the income of the Really Really Obnoxiously Rich. And yet! I have a huge house and last week bought a car (a toyota, but still) for cash because I didn't want to deal with the repairs the 10 year old car needed.
I work in the arts. My friends have different problems.
I don't talk about it, but I don't lie about it. No one has straight out asked "hey, do you have a trust fund?" but maybe they know. The BFF knows, of course, and it doesn't change her view of me. Do my other friends know? Maybe. I dunno. The ones who have visited the town I grew up in could probably figure it out (is that why I moved across the country?) Sometimes I pick up more than my fair share of the check at dinner. When I host parties I provide more expensive booze than my friends do, because that's what I like to drink. But I don't care when they bring yellow tail. I don't always wait for sales. I don't worry about last minute (economy) airplane tickets across the country. I can meet my material needs (which, thankfully, do not include designer clothes or first class plane tickets or vacation homes that haven't been in the family for 80 years).
And I give away a lot of money. I tithe, anonymously, to the theater companies and art galleries and other nonprofits that employ my friends. I donate to every cause that a friend emails me about. Sure, none of these are big donations -- my day job doesn't pay much, and the first rule of a trust fund is that you don't spend your principle. So between my expenses, which are higher than my friends' expenses because I'm not counting as hard, and my tithing, I generally end the year where I started. Which is in a good place, relative to everyone I actually see on a daily basis, but an unfathomable distance below the people rebuilding Versailles.
I don't know where I'm going here, except to say: you don't have to be in the same position as someone to empathize. You may not understand, but you can still say "it sucks that things are so tight for you this month" and then maybe pick up the check at dinner, or at least round up on your share of the bill. You don't have to lie and say "me too!" because that's not fair and that's not honoring their struggle. It's trying to make equal things that aren't. You have struggles too, but your struggles are not the same as theirs because you can buy your way out of some of them. Not all, but some. So empathize because you love your friends and things can be terrible and hard, but don't lie to them.
It won't be a thing for your friends, they love you for you.

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On Notes From Inside Obama's Election Night Party In Chicago

I wasn't there last night, but I was in Grant Park in '08, and it was MAGIC. We were in a tight tight tight crowd after having waited in line for hours and hours, it was cold, my original iPhone's battery died in hour 2, we were seemingly miles from the president(-elect), but it is still one of the greatest moments of my life.

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On Perfect Tarte Tatin in 10 Easy Steps

I think I liked it better when the recipes involved lots of swearing
(though, seriously, this is very helpful! I do not understand how it is easier than, say, any kind of cake -- ANY KIND -- or a basic pie, or a berry crumble, but still seems delicious).

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On 'The Mists Of Avalon': Free To Be In Camelot

Read this at 11. Kind of didn't get the sex parts? I mean, I know there were sex parts, but I think I maybe skipped those? Because I re-read it when I was older (but still, like, 10+ years ago) and was basically like "oh! wow! sex!"

I also wish I'd thought about Mists of Avalon (or the similar things I read for about 10 years) when I was pregnant. That would possibly have made me get all goddessy and powerful when the OB said "42 weeks! thus induction!" which then led inexorably to, yes, a c-section. I was in pitocin-ified labor for 30 hours, but had to get an epidural about halfway through because I was feeling way-not-primal/goddessy. BUT I bet if I'd been at home in a bathtub, instead of in a hospital room with a billion IVs and monitors, it would have been awesome.

God, this was 13 months ago and I still have to talk about it constantly, without end, because I'm so mad about it. UGH. sorry, medicated births are the worst (unless you want one, in which case that is your choice) don't let them do it to you.

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On How to Watch "Battlestar Galactica"

@Bittersweet I didn't "like" the ending, but in the moment I found it emotionally satisfying. And most of season 4 is AMAZING.

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On How to Watch "Battlestar Galactica"

I don't understand the premise. Why would you skip any of them (other than Black Market and The Woman King, which are terrible and we should pretend never ever happened)? It's SO SO GOOD. And doesn't take nearly as much time as rewatching, say, The Wire. or The West Wing. or The Sopranos.
I've watched it at least three times straight through, but never really found the best place for Razor.

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On A Letter from the Theater Community Regarding David Adjmi's "3-C"

@Robbie Baitz@facebook David Cromer's facebook status is in support of Adjmi. I'm sure he will sign.

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