On "Hey Foxy!" Inside The Oil Boom's Amazing Bachelor Boom

"Because you're pretty to me anyway baby,"

(Sorry, loved the article, but the slug killed me).

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On What Made "The O.C." Great, Bitch

@j-i-a that was also the absolutely truest part for me as well. and if not boone's farm Mellon Baller, large alcoholic slushies that were sold out of a drive-thru (Missouri!)

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On What Made "The O.C." Great, Bitch

I will defend Season 4 to the death. Taylor Townsend filling in the girlfriend role of Marissa, Kaitlin's rise, Chris Pratt as Summer's college boyfriend "Che," Ryan Atwood suddenly capable of joking...there is everything in the world to love.

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On Lena Dunham, Adele, Lady Gaga, Amy Adams All Very Ugly, Says "Esquire"

"And men no longer need to be devastatingly handsome in order to express their talent. Steve Buscemi and John C. Riley and Rick Ross and Zach Galifianakis are all perfectly plain, and they are all at the top of their field." - my article on Jon Hamm.

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On The Very, Very Best Holiday Beers To Bring To A Party

@IBentMyWookie What, did Texas not even get the evite?

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On Brad And Angie Go To Meet The African Pee Generator Girls

@sarahpm If only! But I am totally going to binge on Gideon/Other Girl for the post-Thanksgiving lolling around the house. I look greatly forward to it.

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On Brad And Angie Go To Meet The African Pee Generator Girls

Sarah Miller, I would read a four volume set, 600 pages each, of these stories.

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On Bad News Brenda

Beautiful! Reminds me of "Who Will Run The Frog Hospital," (which is to say, it reminds me of growing up)

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On 'Gone With The Wind': Devil In A Black Bombazine Dress

@jolie This sounds exactly like when I realized I was 1000X more Britta than Annie. (And being more "that way"...awful but fun, I guess? That's how I managed to steer this to ME)

But come on, you can easily replace Melanie and Scarlett as the Angel and Devil on your shoulders - or as reps of Ego and Id, however you want to run your duality. Melanie made me cry more, so there's that.

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On What Are The Best Audiobooks For A Road Trip?

Yes, Rebecca!!! That was by far the highlight of our many summers "Let's go to Madison, Wisconsin and pick up audio books at Cracker Barrels along the way." (I am not from Wisconsin, my family just adored it there for some reason. It was our Provincetown.) We missed our hotel check-in several times because we were driving around farmland, gripping our seats anxiously as Mrs. Danvers wrecks Mrs. de Winter's poor head.

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