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On Repellent Man Does Repellent Thing


Oh, Balk. You wouldn't call yourself a feminist? I don't want to sound like Matriarch Balk, here, but ... I expected better of you.

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On Maybe The Best Pizza In New York City

@DennyCrane Yeah, I think you may be right. Still, the authentic slice is my favorite, and the best place for it is Carmine's in Brooklyn.

Plus the slices are like the size of your head but still totally fold-and-go friendly.

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On Chupacabra Alert: Rochester, New York

The paper's poll offers "tiny rhinoceros" as an option.


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On The Skorpion Show on Lady Gaga's "Judas"

No liveblog this time? Sadface.

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On A Chronological History Of Cigarette Smoking, By Brand

@alorsenfants Holy fuckin' balls, can I borrow your genes when my time comes?

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On Pervy Leather Party Gives More to Charity Than SF Gay Pride

@Aatom This. I am pretty much strangling myself to not throw my two cents in (despite my vagina, I'm still a card-carrying kinkster) but from what I know of the opposite coast's approach to this shit, they usually know what they're doing ... unless it's Pride-related, in which case they go to pieces.

So, kind of like the East Coast orgs. Anybody kick Boston lately to see if they're still alive?

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On A Chronological History Of Cigarette Smoking, By Brand

2005-2006: Djarum Blacks, because I was at an arts boarding school and this was the only way I could break the rules without risking expulsion and also I was an insufferable twat
2006-2009: Camel Lights, because the girlfriend did too
2010: A brief, shining six months where I managed to stay nicotine free through sheer dint of agoraphobia
Current: Whatever I can bum out of hopeful looks and the dollar trick.

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On Original Kentucky Musical Addresses Brain Drain This Year

And yet my father continues to wonder why I have decided to try to eke out a living in New York rather than move back to Lexington.

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On Looking Back At A Gloriously Imperfect Season

Anyway. Thanks, JL, for a great season of great columns and some spectacular writing on your end. Deeply, deeply appreciated. Can't wait for next year.

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On Looking Back At A Gloriously Imperfect Season

Not gonna lie: when my friend texted me to say that UConn had won, I straight up ran to the bathroom to vomit. I'd avoided the final four games for the reason that I did not want to be forced to that end, but the universe clearly wanted to give a Syracuse fan one more reason to toss her cookies this winter. God. Fucking. Dammit. I can't even come up with something pithy and ironic to say about this travesty.

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