On Gay Dads, Gucci Bags, New York Slags

It's nice to see from that picture Perez believes in breastfeeding.

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On When Your Fingers Did The Walking

/picks the big, beige cordless phone up off the charger; extends the silver antenna; pushes the big "TALK" button.

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On Toronto Thinks People Are Actually Giving It A Lot Of Thought

Don't blame me, I voted for Dave Stieb.

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On Wacky Piece Has Wacky Corrections

But what does Mr. Furley think about Benghazi?

Posted on October 29, 2013 at 10:40 am 3

On Man Terrible

These guys shouldn't be expected to tie their own shoes or trusted with sharpened cutlery.

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On Every Teen Should Have Their Phone Taken Away RIGHT NOW, SERIOUSLY, NOW

I'm just glad kids today are still saying "boner." Makes me feel less old.

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On Are We Ready For Television for Millennials?

If Tabitha Soren is your aunt, can you get her to ask Michael Lewis to loan me some money?

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On The Age Of Wonder

"No self-respecting fish"...and such-and-such.

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On Will We Have Another Mayor From Terrible Town?

"...has been known to denounce the Yankees in private as overrated." How much worse than they actually are does he think they are? Mets-bad? Jets-bad?

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On Royal Sanctimummy

"Found in Regent's Park: Boy's Crown"

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