On Trains, In Order

5:15 - The Who

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On Oh Man, 'True Detective,' Right?

Citizen Kane was just some flick about a sled.

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On Chef Burnt

He looks like the kind of chef who would put a ton of gold-leaf on a cheeseburger and says it's THE MOST EXPENSIVE CHEESEBURGER EVER.

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On Certain Dog Owners, Lushes About To Have Trouble Getting A Cab

I don't know, but as a snake-handler I refuse let anyone in my cab who is not actively holding a snake.

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On Frats Nightmarish

It's the Elephant Walk, isn't it?

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On Sochi Olympics Photo—Or Site-Specific Contemporary Art Installation?

@Lockheed Ventura Oh fuck off. It's not the infrastructure that's funny. It's the spending $51 billion on it that's funny.

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On Gay Dads, Gucci Bags, New York Slags

It's nice to see from that picture Perez believes in breastfeeding.

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On When Your Fingers Did The Walking

/picks the big, beige cordless phone up off the charger; extends the silver antenna; pushes the big "TALK" button.

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On Toronto Thinks People Are Actually Giving It A Lot Of Thought

Don't blame me, I voted for Dave Stieb.

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On Wacky Piece Has Wacky Corrections

But what does Mr. Furley think about Benghazi?

Posted on October 29, 2013 at 10:40 am 3