On Two Minutes of Walking on the Internet as a Woman

Ten hours? In one day? Damn....who's her chiropodist?

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On We Chased Another Woman Off Twitter, Good Job Everyone

@Etruscan Duck I just read some of those tweets. She's the John Legend of funny.

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On We Chased Another Woman Off Twitter, Good Job Everyone

I guess this is off topic, but John Legend's music is boring. And who is actually following a model on Twitter? Why would you do that?

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On Everything Except Rap and Country

Every pop song now (as it was in the '90s and '00s too) is terrible, so who gives a shit?

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On Has Your City Been Marked For Death Yet?


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On Whitman College and the Decline of Economic Diversity

@ECW These all appear to be from Whitman's own marketing materials. Whitman, and, one would assume, those individuals included, want you to see them.

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On A Night Walking with Dinosaurs

Brontosaurus? Ask the children at Walking With Dinosaurs and they'll tell you: that's an apatosaurus.

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On Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

@Kzpbb2 Sure libraries are not free, they are paid for by taxes duh, but you're already paying for the service so you might as well use it instead of paying extra for worse service (worse meaning Amazon Unlimited's offerings are so far pretty bleak). Like, if your boss gives you Cubs box seats, you're already paying with your soul by working at your crappy job, you might as well go to the danged game instead of refusing those and then buying tickets to sit in the upper deck.

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On Perfume Genius, "Queen"

@Dave Bry T. Rex and/or Craig Wedren. Actually, can we confirm this is not Shudder to Think? (But yes, the best, affirmed.)

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On Put Your Phone Down

@And then Katie said Because your arms are in the way, asshole.

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