On So Many Kinds of Rape Now

@NeonTrotsky This may be helpful: http://www.thevine.com.au/life/news/the-many-types-of-rape-as-defined-by-the-worlds-politicians-and-celebrities/

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On 'Snow White and the Huntsman': Are Fake Little People Just Blackface?

Choire, I have bad news for you about Prometheus...

Saw a preview last night, and just – ugh. TERRIBLE script, lousy acting. But the two and a bit hours did go by pretty quick, so there's that.

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On Why Does Vinyl Sound The Best? A Chat With A Musician Who Knows

Today there is a picture of an awl on The Awl.

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On Robin Gibb, 1949 - 2012

I am turning 30 later this month. Or am I turning dead? Jury's still out.

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On Die Huffington Post (Or, Das Huffington Boot)

Die Hüffington Allgemeiner Zeitung

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On UK Press Struggling to be Free, One Affair at a Time

@DoctorDisaster I hear you can't get pregnant from hate-fucking.

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On Your Bear Of The Day

The View From Your Windawl.

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On Thrifty Poor People Not Helping American Economy

They are hiring undocumented workers to lift large bags of money for them.

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On Big Website Used To Be So Awesome But Totally Sucks Now, Say Cool Dudes

I thought The Awl was cool before Balk turned it into BungaBunga.com?

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On Krampus Comes This Weekend! Beware Sinister Saint Nick Sidekicks

Satan Claws.

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