On Drinks That You Should be Ashamed to Order in Public

@SuperMargie They're called highballs and if they're good enough for Nick and Nora Charles, they're good enough for me. With the exception of hard cider and hot toddy (what else do you drink when you have a cold and your local bar is on the ground floor of your apartment building?), I agree with this list.

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On How To Cook A Bolognese Sauce

No, she uses way less tomatoes than your grandma. If you're going to be snobby about canned tomatoes at least specify DOP for the San Marzanos. The ones pictured here taste no better than regular canned tomatoes. All that said, people bitching about no garlic or basil, this is Bolognese sauce not regular old tomato pasta sauce, big difference. And a good Italian doesn't mix garlic and onion it's one or the other.

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